WBTB (~6 hours-sleep, ~2 hours-wake, then go to sleep again)

Moved into the Quest forum. Questions about precise techniques are to be posted here.

What is the best thing to do when I go to sleep after 2 wake hours?
What method to do/use to become lucid?

And how many time per week I should use/try WBTB to become (learn) lucid?
Is it better to do it every day, and make it a habit, or just few days per week?

Most people do WILD or WILD.

Whatever’s comfortable and fits within your school/work schedule. :smile:




You should try evrey day, even when you take a nap, or even if you sleep at school :lol: (Which you shouldnt :tongue: )
As they say, “Practice makes the master” (or at least they say so in argentina xD

It takes a little discipline to wake yourself up at the godly hours of the morning, especially if you plan to trial WBTB over the course of a fortnight or longer. Just make sure you firmly set your intention before bedtime, makes it a great deal easier to wake up.

1 hour is fine for wbtb.