the big MILD topic

When I had just lds (time of the dino’s lol) I used mild a lot
I did several times a day an act as if I was dreaming and had a ld…I looked around me and said “wow what a real dream this is”
While I was in traffic or just walking somewhere or making dinner I did this exercise…
I also read always before bedtime about lucid dreams…that helped to…

But what helps for me most…is really to crave 4 a lucid dream with all my passion inside me…(not my inpatience :wink: )
And then several times aday like a sort of sub program…really want to have one…like a little boy that knows he gets the gift he wants 4 his birthday and he consciously thinks of it but also subconsciously…it keeps living inside him allday long!
That worked 4 me the best in those beginning days…
It doubled the speed of getting a lucid dream instead of not focussing on it at all…So dont expect miracles…but yes it helps if u are really dedicated.

Good luck! :smile:

This method worked once for me but hasn’t worked since. I woke up at 6:00 am and then started to write down Lucid Dreaming on a piece of paper for 5 minutes then I did a MILD excerise for 10 then went back to bed. Shortly I was in a dream realized I was dreaming but never got further than that over my back tightening

Recently I have started staying up longer, about 30 mins, then doing MILD. I have had surprising success - lucid dreams every night. I can pretty much guarantee that it will work when I do it. I reccommend everybody try wake-back-to-bed with MILD.

Ok, it’s a deal.

I’ll wake up somewhere between 5 and 6 tomorrow morning, and stay awake for 30 minutes. This will mean getting to sleep earlier than midnight tonight, but I think I can swing that. Might try this in conjunction with the Holy Grail method.

Heh, ‘Holy Grail’ method. I know it wasn’t meant to be called that, but I think I may have somehow officially declared that as the name. :grin:

I think the same way as Kobrakai - I too believe that MILD can be an extremely effective technique once you get the knack of it. But until then it can be a rather loooooong way…
There is one thing I would like to ask connected to this whole procedure: the WBTB method. Does or did anyone have problems getting back to sleep after staying awake for an hour or so (and if you did have this problem how did you work with it; was it just in the beginning, did you decrease the time spent awake, did you try to stay in bed, or similar)


I had some serious problems with falling back to sleep. I tried a whole whack load of stuff. Do a search on insomnia or something to that effect and read some things.

Some things that I found very good or VERY STRANGE were:
Counting sleeping sheep???
Listening to music(I made a CD of rain forest sounds, very soothing)
Deep relaxation(I think thats what its called, its a progressive relaxation of your entire body, kinda working up from feet tensing and relaxing)
Attempting self hypnosis(it wasn’t suppose to put me to sleep but it did every time :grin:
Warm milk
Rubbing your tummy
Wiggling your toes(feels very strange if you do it for a couple minutes and then relax them)
*After doing some of these for a while I was able to just go back to sleep no trouble so after you pass this hurdle it should be clear sailing.

But back to the WBTB MILD it seems like a great idea. The sheer willpower developed to wake up in the middle of the night could help. Also, there is less time until REM so the intent to have a lucid dream would still be fresh. And lets not forget the longer REM periods. This all seems to point toward greater success. I’m starting this up again tonight.

I think I’ll give WBTB and then MILD a shot too. I always fall asleep when I just do MILD.
Tell me, do any of you have trouble getting to sleep after doing WBTB? Are you too awake to fall alseep right away or is it smooth sailing from wakefulness to dream? I just want to know because I’ve never actually tried it.

The first couple times it can be hard to get back to sleep. Depending on how long you stay up it will be harder. One time it took me 2 and half hours to get back to sleep. Just enough time to get woken up by my alarm clock. :sad:

If you have trouble getting to sleep again just try a couple things from my previous post :tongue:

I’ve done the warm milk thing before when I just wnated to get more rested. And I’ve counted to sleep too, maybe once or twice. Anyway thanx for the input.

I stay up for 20 mins (in bed) and then do MILD for 10 minutes before allwoing myself to drify off to sleep. If I stay awake for too long I will not return to sleep. IF you have this porblem, just sit up in bed until you are sure you won’t drift off, don’t get out of bed.

Recently I’ve has some long and more vivid lucid dreams than usual. It’s so annoying that I can’t find out if this was random or there was some reason for them being different.

ha, i was told to do the mild technique until you fell asleep. as you can possibly predict, i could never fall asleep. i definately think this is one of the better methods so i’ll try it again tonight.

MILD dosen’t strickly imply that you perform the technique until you fall asleep. Most of the documentation you’ll find on the topic claims that if you have trouble falling asleep while thinking about LDs, just do it for as long as you think is necessary to ‘set’ your mind properly, then relax and get to sleep normally. This isn’t like WILD, where it’s required that you maintain a state of mind during the entire process. I suppose it might work better if you were able to fall asleep thinking about it, since it should be the last thing on your mind.

and bye the way thanks atheist, i downloaded that nero and got stepahn laberge’s interview on cd, now to see if it’ll work

You’re right - I was about to post why I haven’t been able to lucid dream since the summer. Then I read that with alot of stress its almost impossible to (I think it was in the how section). Right now I’d just like to ask about something thats really been bugging me. During my dreams recently - I can’t remain as one character. Its is so hard to become lucid when you keep changing and your point of view keeps changing. When I’m writing or telling people about the dream I say “then suddenly I was the other person” and now its been getting to be third person alot. How can i use the nice old techniques if i cant look at my hands. I have become almost like a spirit who just hovers above all the action. How am I going to get around this?

WBTB in conjunction with MILD is a very promising technique for me as well, and i don’t have trouble falling asleep. i have to give credit to this technique because most of my LD’s are due to it. what i try to do is make it the last conscious thing I think of, but not necessarily the thing i last think of right before falling asleep. i think of my phrase in my head until i feel my intention is set, then i try to leave my mind blank till i fall asleep. if something else pops in my mind during this time, i repeat my phrase and try again at keeping my mind blank.

all techniques are easier if you use WBTB with them… your mind is more awake because you’ve already got some sleep, you go into REM faster so you have a better chance remembering your intention, and if you read LD stuff while awake you have a good chance of having a dream about it. that should just about double or triple your chances of LD’s. :grin:

I tryed a mild for the last to nights. I awkoe read about lding for and hour and a hlaf and then mild for 10 min slept and didnt remember a thing??? whats with that. My dream recall is normall good so i dont know wht happened? did i miss it?

I don’t know! Recently, my dream recall has been dropping, too. I’m not sure why…
Don’t worry, though…don’t give up. Personally, I think MILD’s the best because I haven’t had any success with WILD…keep trying…good luck!

i dont know neither work well foe me, rt work the best for me

When i go to bed and focus on having a lucid dream i often get a “falling” sensation after a while… It feels like i am falling an as if my body sinks through the bed, and i se a tunnel of white stripes that i am “zooming” in to…what is that? :eh: anyome knows?

a clear cut way into teh dream world :wink:

just follow the white light :smile: