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I’m having trouble with MILD…I’ve tried it a good number of times now, maybe about 7 or 8, and I never seem to have any success with it. I’ll repeat to myself in my mind “I’m going to have a LD, I’m going to realise I’m dreaming, etc.” but I never seem to have any luck with it. I have good recall (I can remember at least 1 dream a night, I remember two from last night), so that isn’t the problem. I look at my third eye while I’m doing it, since I’ve heard that suggested a lot, and that isn’t helping either. What should I do?

found some doc with an unusual MILD techniqe

wow, that’s a brainful of stuff to take in. thanks a bunch, aezen.


Ok, I’m gonna read that later, but now It’s Snooze time. Cmon’ LD!

Can you try to hard in this method (MILD). Last night I drank a tea 1 hour before bed. It is sussposed to improve the vividness of your dreams. Then at bedtime I ate cheese and drank milk. I call it Lucid food, to try make it like a medicine that gives Lucid dreams.

But I sat there thinking about Lucidity and couldn’t get asleep. I let my mind wander and started to feel a falling sensation. I could feel my eyes vibrating, then my whole body. It’s not quite like vibrating. So I opened my eyes and did a RC. The feeling went, could have been an OBE of some sort?!

I went to bed at eight and finally got asleep at around 12.00 I wasn’t dreaming because I did RC to make sure. Does anyone have any sugestions, ie. to want more/not so much etc.

Thanks for listening (If at all!) :smile:

techno, i don’t know about you, but i have a pretty bad case of insomnia. i know i know, an LDer who can’t fall asleep, i’m a paradox like that. i just recently found out that it’s not normal for it to take someone 1-2 hours to fall asleep on average so i started looking on some insomnia sites for suggestions

many of them say to eat some dairy products (ie your lucid food) before bed because something in them (i forget the word it starts with a ‘t’) causes the production of or gets changed to melatonin in your brain which brings on sleep. warm things make me tired, so the tea you drink sounds like a good idea, although i’d suggest drinking it closer to bedtime (what kind of tea was it btw? you know regular tea has caffeine in it right? it may be why it took you so long to get to sleep)

but anyway, to answer your question, it is very possible to try too hard and by the way it took you 4 hours to fall asleep i’d say either you went to bed too early (ie before you were actually tired), or you were trying too hard, or on a caffeine high, or some combination of all 3.

my insomnia is brought on not so much because i’m not physically tired, it’s that my mind won’t shut up and it keeps me awake. i recently began watching my sugar intake close to bed time. i usually eat cereal soon before i go to sleep so i bought some a rather bland cereal (rice chex) that’s extremely low in sugar (and taste for that matter) i found it helping somewhat with the getting to sleep problem but the biggest thing i look out for is the way i do MILD

i can’t repeat to myself “i’m going to have a lucid dream tonight” until i fall asleep because my mind will wander and then i’ll never get to sleep. so what i try to do is say it a couple times and and then try to not think about it or anything else until i fall asleep

also, you might want to try WBTB combined with MILD. i find it much easier to fall asleep after i’ve already been asleep for a while, and since your chance for having LDs is higher after you’ve had a few sleep cycles anyway… :yinyang:

I forgot to mention. The tea didn’t help with vividness either. I managed to bearly remember one dream after a while. Well I suppose it is only fair that my brain dreams alot one night and has a rest the next. (Not really). :smile:

Thanks. Slight Insomnia runs in our family (or seems to). It deosn’t afect me usualy though. Funny thing is, my mum told me I was well asleep when she came up, like before 10. So either she missed saw me or I was having a prety lousy but accurate dream. (I doubt this).

I’ll try again tonight not trying so hard.

Technodreamer, thanks for the reply.

yeah I usually take a long time to get to sleep too. however, I have increased my levels of daily excercise recently and I find that I no longer take 30-60 mins to fall asleep. Perhaps if you work out a bit before you go to bed, you will fall asleep faster? there are studies supporting this method of eliminating insomnea. more excercise = less time falling asleep. especially an hour before bedtime.

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