How to have my first LD?

Well, the description explains it all pretty much… But there is so many methods to start with! I am a complete and total beginner at this. I just happened to stumble upon this when I was googling stuff about sleep? So which one do you think I should keep on trying with?

Hi DANEWBI :welcome:

There are a lot of techniques to go off of. However, all of them are just tools and none of them can truly guarantee an LD unless you also have put in the work for an LD. To start out with, I would recommend you work on dream recall by writing in a dream journal and also working on your awareness. This article is great at explaining how frequent lucid dreamers manage to make it happen.

I would also recommend you check out the FAQs and Tutorials section as well as the Article Space. Beyond that, browse around here in Quest and you’ll find a lot of great ideas. If you have any more specific questions, we’re here to help :content:

Is having your first lucid dream is as hard as your second, third…?

First is the hardest, it gets easier over time. The human mind works through trial and error, mess something up the first time, avoid doing that the next time.
It gets easier also because of the feeling you get, it’s hard to forget, you know when it’s there after the first, making things easier to spot.

Use A DREAM JOURNAL! More of a self reminder right there, but this is highly important!
You can inspire yourself through your own writing,
Get past that repetetive dream,
Increase recall. Recall is what makes you remember a dream. For me, this is attached to how soon I realize i’m dreaming. I’ve dreamt earlier because of it actually, but that’s just me.

Sleeping in late triggers lucidity because you dream the most in the last hours of your sleep. Plus, you’re more aware in the morning so, to me, the highest chance of achieving lucidity with hardly any effort.

But whatever you do, don’t push it because that’ll only get you frustrated.

So here’s what you should do according to me (this is a form of WILD); pick a day on which you don’t have to get up on time, it’s important to feel relaxed and not stressed. Just go to sleep like you normally do. Some people prefer to set an alarm clock to go off after something like 6 hours, but I personally don’t set any alarm clocks because it ruins my natural ability to become lucid. You should try what works best for you. Anyway, when you wake up in the morning, don’t get up but just realize that you are in your bed, you’ve just woken up and you’re going to go back to sleep to catch some more dreams. It’s important that you are aware of your situation, might just get into your head for 10 seconds, not minutes because you might become too focussed, and then go back to sleep. You may get up and use the restroom, but don’t stretch your body or jump around, your body needs to stay on the edge of SP. When you fall back asleep you might sleep for another hour or two hours before you wake up again. Depending on how much you’ve rested you become more and more aware of yourself and your dreams. Maybe you just wake up that one time and step right into a LD when you fall back asleep or you wake up 10 times before finally becoming lucid (every time you wake up, remind yourself of your situation to activate your awareness). The key is, don’t push yourself, be the spectator of yourself and as the spectator, don’t push yourself! You just observe and when you feel that your body slips into SP and into sleep, you may give it a hand by thinking ‘yes body, relax a bit more, this is good’ and when you feel very close to sleeping, turn your eyes towards your third eye (between your eyes, a little higher) or just think of your third eye and you may feel a different feeling in your body right away and that’s the sign to get up and walk away because you’ve entered a LD. When you try this and you dont get this feeling, this sign (you should feel this within a few seconds), stop trying, don’t focus on your third eye and go back to being the passive spectator of yourself and wait for the next chance. My rule is, if I haven’t achieved it within an hour after my first third eye attempt, I stop trying and get up. This is to prevent myself from becoming frustrated because that’s the last thing you need when trying to become lucid.

Good luck! :content: