How to increase chances of lucidity!

Hey guys,
Ok so here it is. 2 ways to increase the chances of having lucid dreams.

  1. BE a lucid dreamer. Just like u know that u breathe or that ur hair colour is whatever, know that u are a lucid dreamer. If u can get the feeling of “Hey i am a lucid dreamer, thank you” and hold that feeling for aslong as you can, you will start to create neural nets in your brain which support this belief. What is a belief ? A thought which has been repeatedly thought over again and again.

  2. Start to open up to your minds eye. Especially when your sleepy stop thinking, be present and let images bombard your minds eye. I’m not sure why but this helps. maybe it acceses the subconcious while being concious.

We already had this topic for 1) and this one for 2), basically, but I guess it’s a good way of summing it up :content:

Hey, we may alredy have topics but I find it impressive that you were able to come up with this on your own, especially since you’re still pretty new. Good for you :content:

I agree

To help with #1, you could do MILD to convince yourself that you are an LDer, just as you convince yourself that you will have an LD this night

That’s a cool idea Rubiks :smile:

I do apologise If this has already been covered, But I would like to ask…( now that I have got over my scared, silly state) For the love of me I cannot see these Hyanogogic images without poking my eyelids shut… I know it sounds bizarre, but I am relaxed etc and when they do creep in without being poked (which is not very often), as soon as my eyes move around they go… I cant seem to keep em still lol. Appreciate any help !x

…me again :confused: I am not sure If I am haivng LD’s already, from what I have read they appear to be, BUT…I am not in control or even aware I’m in 1, so does that self explain itself?? Maybe I am just having Vivid dreams as I remember them all without writing them down and they kinda relate to my every day life even though some are quite bizarre. And can you LD in the after noon?? That’s when it is quieter and more relaxed for me as I work most nights !x p.s I took my Dream Catcher down last night and my floaty ball things didnt happen.?? ( I bought 1 in the hope I can keep the Alien away !!

Going in order:

  • The images are easier to see the more you are relaxed, and the more you are used to them; Just patiently waiting, in mind’s silence, works in most cases;

  • The eyes can shift by themselves during REM phases, but for the most part, it’s you moving them out of unrest, like many do with their body when going to bed. Focus on them and relax yourself as much as possible, while keeping focus on them. It helps imagining to be staring at some point behind the eyelids, in the distance.

  • By definition of LD, if you didn’t know you were in a dream, or you didn’t know you were in control, then you weren’t lucid.

  • It is very possible to LD in the afternoon, as long as there are consistent REM phases. To do so, you just have to make it a habit, perhaps once every two days could work too.

  • I’d suggest keeping the Dreamcatcher up, as many report having more/better dreams when it’s by the window.

Hope this helped :smile:

That has helped loads, Thankyou…

I think the dreamcatcher will go back up, as long as it keeps the Aliens away heehee

Thanks again, all that I needed to know has been covered.

I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions soon lol Hopefuly my next input will be I had 1, I want 1 sooooo bad !!! x