Image Streaming Induced Lucid Dream (ISILD)

Here is a three step procedure for getting more lucid dreams. It’s based on application of the Genius Formula (


Motivation is important for learning any skill. If you are truly motivated you can be succesful in anything. That’s just the way this universe was set up.

You should view your dreams as a means to further your spiritual development, and not as an end in themselves. Lucid dreams are an exellent way to connect to your higher self, and to explore the wondrous universe that we inhabit.

You could develop your lucid dreaming skill to amazing heights. For example, it is quite possible for your mind to stay awake when your body goes to sleep each night, and remain awake throughout the night. Since time is subjective you could spend days or even weeks inside your dreams, and still catch your bus to work in the morning.

Remain motivated for having lucid dreams throughout the day, and you will start having more of them at night.


Write down as much of your dreams as you can remember. If you don’t care enough about your dreams to remember them, how could you ever become conscious in them?

Here’s the truth. Consciousness and lucid dreams are intimately connected. The real reason that most people don’t have lucid dreams, is that their consciousness is so feeble. Their thought processes are mostly unconscious, and so their unconscious also rules in their dreams. Increase your consciousness using dream recall, and you will start having more lucid drams.


Motivation and recall are by themselves enough to increase your skill, but here’s a secret that will truly help you master lucid dreaming.

There’s a best way to learn anything, and that way is called the technology. For lucid dreaming the technology is Image Streaming Induced Lucid Dreaming (ISILD).

Image Streaming is the act of describing images that appear in your minds eye to another person or to a recording device. ISILD enables you to communicate with your subconscious directly. Images are more sensitive then words, and the act of describing them reinforces you intention in a way that no other technique can.

  1. Pick up your tape recorder and image stream for ten minutes. The best time to do this is just before going to bed.
  2. State the dream you want using a direct, personal, and positive sentence. ‘Tonight I will drink a beer with my dream friend Alex’ would be a good example.
  3. The third step is to describe the images that appear in your mind’s eye. You should record your session, and always speak aloud.
  4. Now you should simply go to sleep.

Solaris, this is quite intersting! I have a couple of questions.

  1. Had you personal success with this tech? How it have influenced you LD skills? (Say, number of LD per month, stability etc.)

  2. I do not quite understand how it helps to get lucid. I.e. it should theoretically help you to program a dream, but does it somehow help to get lucid in it?

Truly a great tech, it bears repeating ^^
For anyone that needs it, here’s the link to the old topic of the same technique.

Phantasos, it helps in the way that it puts you closer to your subconscious, a state closer to that of sleep, while it forces you to be aware; it makes you more familiar with the process of looking with the mind’s eye, thus raises your consciousness of it;
the point is, every time you go to sleep, you merely do the same thing, only with the body fully asleep, so this way you train to be aware in it. The consequences should be obvious by now :wink:

tosxyChor, thanks for the explanation and the link. I think I will try it. I’ve already used Image Streaming for another purpose, probably, it really may help.