How to increase vividity

Knowing you’re dreaming but not being able to do anything about it is very frustrating.
That is why I want you to tell us your tips on how to increase vividity.
This topic will be a guide to all those who have weak, unvivid lucid dreams.
Please post!!!

Say it:

  • I want to have a LD
  • I want to stay in this LD
    Do it:
  • Rub your hands
  • Hold onto something
  • Go through a door while saying to yourself that everything on the other side will be realer than real life
    Eat it:
  • Bananas
  • Tea
  • Honey

OK, i’ll post even tho I posted it in several other (same) topics.

When I want to increase lucidity, I say:’‘I want to have a lucid dream’’ or ‘‘I want to stay in this dream’’ or something like that.It always works for me and I do it instinctively.

The most…famous way to increase lucidity is rubbing your hand or holding onto something in the dream.

I like helping people, but i don’t like writing it again and again and again…

Eat bananas. Drink tea.

when i want my dream to be more vivid i find a door and tell myself “when i walk through this door, everything on the other side will be as real as real life” then i walk through and it’s like i’ve walked out of a dream and into reality. (but i still know i’m dreaming)

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i have noticed when using honey in my coffe’s instead of sugar it tends to brighten up my dreams

That sounds amazing! Could you do it even when you weren’t an experience LDer?

Yes, everyone can

you just need to believe it’s possible. don’t just say it in your head but actually expect it to happen.

last night i was in a video store and i realized i was dreaming, so i asked the store clerk how to increase vividity. she said to mix equal parts of cocoa, coffee, “iron maiden flavor” slushee and “iron maiden flavor” frozen yogurt and drink it. so i asked for her to make me one of those and i tried it and it was quite delicious. normally i would not expect chocolate, coffee, frozen yogurt, and syrupy slushee flavors to mix well at all but somehow my mind made it work. and the dream became quite vivid. and the weird thing is i don’t listen to iron maiden at all, i don’t think i’ve ever even listened to a song of theirs. anyway, my point is to just ask a dc how to do something and usually since you expect their idea to work it will work perfectly.

Iron Maiden is great, and it’s cool that your brain made a reference to them. I personaly rub my hands together and then try to change the temperature and focus on it changing.

maybe3 you can also find some “vividness pills” oder a “lucid Cola” you know sth like that

Focus on your hands or start spinning on the spot!

What kind of tea works the best?
and just wondering, but does the ripeness of the banana make any difference?

Yeah, some people say they do.

I had feta cheese before going to bed and had an extremely vivid LD. What else…
Rubbing your hands, of course. Don’t rub your eyes. Put on a pair of glasses.
If your dream starts darking/fogging up, look at the sun or the nearest light source.

Or you can just shout out to the sky to increase vividity.

I’ve always been too afraid to ever yell in a LD, thinking that I would actually yell out loud, but I did last time I had one and it worked quite well. I could see things starting to get blurry so I yelled, “Increase lucidity now!” and everything got more clear in a couple seconds.

Usually when I realise I’m dreaming I start rushing around, trying to take full advantage of the opportunity. This usually results in bland or even completely black vision.

The technique I’ve used to increase the visual clarity of my dream is to stop moving and concentrate on staring at my hands.

This usually results in crystal clear visuals.

Whenever I say “Clarity NOW!” its like it goes from normal to HI-DEF

In my first LD, I rubbed my hands. I felt like a static going through my body, but then I got disorientated. :sad: