How to induce a dream, which is starting from my bed???

As the title says, I want to induce a dream similar to a FA or a real FA, because after a brief analysis of my dream journal, I noticed that most of my lucid dreams start from my bed or my room. They are always more vivid and have higher awareness. I’m already experimenting with SSILD, but the results are unsatisfactory. FILD doesn’t work either!

So if somebody have an idea about a mantra or affirmation before bed or with WBTB, please post it here. :help:

Hi the_shadow. I like your nickname.

I don’t usually work with “dream incubation”, as they call it, because I prefer to see what comes up rather than tinker up the dreams. But I know that visualisation can be a powerful aid for this. LaBerge writes extensively about it when he explains the MILD technique.

You could try to imagine yourself dreaming to wake up in your bedroom, doing reality check and starting your lucid. You already have memories about this kind of dream which provide you with very good material for this practice. Find a suitable time of doing this. LaBerge advises to do it during the first 2 days, then before going to bed or during a WBTB for 5 more days. But he’s a mathematician, we mortals don’t need to be that strict :wink:

Hey dude :wave: You should try this one maybe it work for you here is the technique it is from Carlos Castaneda

  1. Sit in your bed, and become mentally settled.
  2. Stare softly at the palm of your hands, and tell yourself in a caring manner that, “Tonight while I am dreaming, I will see my hands and realize that I am dreaming.”
  3. Continue to softly look at your hands and mentally repeat the affirmation, “Tonight while I am dreaming, I will see my hands and realize that I am dreaming.”
  4. Allow your eyes to cross, and unfocus; remain at peace and continue to repeat slowly.
  5. After about five minutes or once you feel too sleepy, quietly end the practice.
  6. When you wake up in the middle of the night, gently recall your intention to see your hands and realize that you are dreaming. Try to remember your last dream; did you see your hands?
  7. At some point in a dream, suddenly your hands will pop up in front of you and you will instantly make the connection, “This is a dream!” Try to stay calm and explore the dream environment. Later, when you wake from your lucid dream, take a moment and write it down in your dream journal — write the entire dream; how you realized you were dreaming; what you did while aware that you were dreaming, etc. Congratulations!