How to induce sleep paralysis at will

I recently discovered that i could induce sleep paralysis at will. It was in the morning and i had woken up and was completly relaxed. I tried to “spin” in my head. Spinning in the way like you do in the dreams when you’re spinning a new dream scene.

I wasn’t spinning for real, just in my mind and i felt that i fell backwards in my head at the same time i felt the sleep paralysis control my body. The paralysis continued as i spinned, and shortly thereafter i opened my eyes and looked at my clock watch. I was wondering if i was dreaming or not. It seemed very real. Then someone made some noise (as my parents always do, talking or so). And i woke up for real feeling the sleep paralysis leaving me.

Now i intend to learn all relaxing techniques described in EWLD so i can be relaxed enough to always induce sleep paralysis and there from get a WILD everytime i’m tired.

Now i know that i don’t ever have to “wait” for the paralysis to come when i can get sleep paralysis at will! (I’ve never got a sleep paralysis from “waiting for it to come”.)

I use selfhypnosis, and here i come along sp when I let my body relax deeper and deeper…and there are several levels of sp…low, medium and high sp level…before i enter rem stage in a trance.