How to keep calm

I have several lucid dreams every week. Lately I have been reading Robert Waggoner’s book Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self and seeing some of the possibilities. A lot of experiments have worked and even made me emotional. However, lately whenever I become lucid, I get so excited that I wake up. It’s like my body gets a burst of adrenaline. I stare at my hands, which works for a bit, and I’ll start to continue, but then I will get excited again and wake up unable to return most times. Anyone have a suggestion? I’m going to start reading a dream yoga book I think.

Yeah, this is pretty much a stabilizing issue. I’m sure it won’t be much problem for you to solve, just work into ways for modulating your emotions. Reaffirm your intentions and goals as soon as you get lucid and stabilize yourself in the dream. You could also start meditation, it’s a very useful aid, and a great practice. Many times this usually progresses the more experience you have with the practice, and so you get used to the lucid state.

I’ve been having lucid dreams for years with no problems. It’s only after finding out about the possibilities that I started getting too excited to stay. Last night while lucid I just sat and observed as long as I could and that helped. Once I woke up I was still in a dream just not lucid anymore. That was a first I think.

Hey Scotteby.

I wouldn’t have had anywhere near as many LD’s as you, but the whole staying calm and relaxed thing is a big issue for me too. And like you. I think when I read Waggoner’s book and saw the possibilities, the excitement when I get there often wakes me up.

A few times when I start to lose the dream I just relaxed and told myself, “It’s ok, I’ll just go straight into another dream” and it worked, the first dream faded to grey and then another dream appeared. Not always though, sometimes it’s all too much and I’m just wide awake.

I’m trying to stay calm in there now and get used to the environment as it’s still quite new to me, so I’m hoping with time and experience the stability element will get easier.

I suppose the different with you is, now it’s in your head what’s possible, it’s like it’s all new again, and therefore over exciting you. You say that you have several a week, that’s a fantastic opportunity to just relax in the dream state again, and go back to basics for a week or two until it’s not as exciting, and then work in your experiments.

Rubbing my hands always worked better than just staring at my hands, for me anyway, think it was the friction that kept me focused.

Good luck and let us know if you find something that works.

Thanks for the replies! I keep forgetting to try rubbing my hands. I will try to keep that in mind. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’m ADD. My mind doesn’t focus on anything for very long before moving on. I’ve always been such a dreamer though; it’s something I will always work on. If I have nothing else, I have this.