How to make LD much longer?

Hi there all dreamers. I’m here to ask you some questions. Maybe someone can help me. :smile:
I have a lot of lucid dreams but only two of them are true lucid dreams (i call dreams for true lucid dreams when i see all from first person). Usually i see dreams from 3rd person view. Than i thought up: “hey, im in dream, that’s my dream, i can control it bla bla bla…” and than i see all from first person, all seems more colorful, more intersting and beautiful. But here the all good ending, i don’t know why, but i see all from first person view just a little moment and than i again see all from 3rd person view.
It is possible to get longer “first person view”?

Are you asking whether or not you can extend the length of your dreams?
The short answer is no, however you CAN time your lucidity out with techniques such as Wake Back To Bed so they take place in the early to late morning instead of in the middle of the night. As your sleep period progresses, your REM (dreaming) cycles become longer and longer, therefore your dreams become longer and longer.

If you become lucid in one of these 20 to 30, sometimes 40 minute long REM cycles, you have very satisfying and fulfilling lucid dreams. If you wake up (or think you woke up, but may still be dreaming), lay completely still, keep your eyes closed and visualize your bed spinning in circles as fast as it can. After a while your physical body will begin to fall back asleep (back into REM where it left off) and you’ll FEEL your dream body spinning in a black void. From here, a dream scene will effortlessly manifest itself around you and you’ll be lucid right off the bat, without needing a reality check. WILD becomes very easy when you’ve temporarily woke up from a lucid dream.

Oh thanks, but no, i wanna know it’s possible to make “first person view” dream longer? not a dream but that effect - to watch all from first person view.

You could try to keep in touch with the dream world like you do when you want to prevent losing the dream or the lucidity. Doing things like touching stuff, rubbing your hands and spinning. This should focus your intention on your body and you should be able to stay in first person view.

thanks, i will try it. :razz: