How to make writing in your DJ more fun?

I’ve always been on and off with lucid dreaming, and I have had about 9 lucid dreams so far, but I always lose motivation. This is especially true with my dream journal. Most of my dreams are just me walking places and having abnormal, but pretty boring, conversations with people, and, much of the times, with people I would really hope that they wouldn’t even appear in my dream. Writing down these dreams is EXTREMELY boring (I am at _____. I walk to _____. I see _______. She is wearing ______ and the walls are the color ______. I say ________). It really pisses me off to write down these dreams, especially when I wake up at night, and sometimes, don’t even bother to write them down, as I would much rather just fall asleep peacefully, without having to worry about writing in my dream journal. This has led to a massive decrease in dream recall. As much as I want to increase my lucid dream frequency and dream recall, this problem just overwhelms me. Anybody have any tips to make writing even a boring dream fun? Also, any tips on increasing my motivation? Thank you so much

Just know the faster you get it over + done with, the faster you can go back to the nice comfy bed :tongue: Also this is very good for WBTB because you are reading and writing about LD which fills your brain with LD information and then hopefully making it easy for a WBTB to be successful. So by writing down your dreams which will also help your DR you are also increasing your LD chance rate.
Hope I helped :happy:

I think this could be detrimental to do all of the time, but what I do when I’m more tired or disinterested in a dream than usual is write down keywords in my DJ. Then when I wake up for the day I flesh out the details of the dream.

Draw and sketch in your dream journal along with your written dreams

Thats a good method. Also you can use different fonts (if youre writing with PC) or try to change the color of your text.

One thing helped me alot. Cuz I have been really bad at writing anything ever, I used self hypnosis and MILD kinda mantras when at bed trying to sleep.

Try to pick out even the remotely interesting parts of your dream. This will be tedious, but as you get better at it you’ll start to notice certain factors of these “boring” dreams you haven’t picked up on and then they won’t be as boring. And before you go to sleep, try focusing your thoughts on one subject you want to dream about, and eventually you will.

These all sound like good ideas, I’ll be sure to try them out :smile:

I have also had problems with motivation for a pretty long time now.
I had an LD frequency high around November last year and got like 10 lucids in a single month, but now I just can’t seem to find that “drive” again - I know cognitively that LD’s are wonderful, but I don’t seem to get that cheer feeling of excitement very often nowadays - maybe for a few minutes when I’m extra enthusiastic with Lucid Living, but then it always goes away a few hours later.
I blame it on work, because I have to get up at 6 AM in the morning and I get home at like 6-7 PM so it’s quite stressful a lot of the time.

Whatever the case, I’m certainly gonna stick with LD-ing, no way in hell I ever give up on something as fantastic as this. :cool:

I feel the same exact way :sad: Waking up in the morning, wanting to write, but you just don’t because it is to much work to do right after you wake up… :cry: That is why I like to record my dreams! :smile: It is a lot easier. I just grab my iPod or Sound Recorder, and start saying everything in my dream. I hope this helps. You can use a lot of things as a Sound Recorder! Possibly your phone, iPod (at least my iPod Touch does), an actual recorder… Good luck! :content:

Another suggesstion that just popped into my head!

Tell someone your dreams. It doesn’t have to be a person, per se, it could be your cat or a tree. But there have been studies that prove that you remember things better after telling someone, as opposed to just writing, or writing and listening (the study showed the memory of college lectures, so this is a different form but it still has the same idea). So if you tell someone your dreams your memory will gradually improve and your dreams might have more interest.

Isn’t it true that writing in a Dream Journal actually has a direct effect on your ability to become lucid?
How exactly does that work?
As far as I know it is supposed to make you think much more about LD’s and also make you more closely connected to your dreamworld…?

I usually crack open the crayolas and draw simple pictures of what I saw.

If you have the time, you could open your Image maker program and draw maps of the dreams you are adding to your Dream Journal.

Drawing can be fun if you like it, as some have suggeted above. What made DJ’ing the most fun for me what typing it out in my LD4all DJ with ALL the details I could remember. I wouldn’t think it would be fun as I ended up typing up to 7 pages some days, but you can give it a try. I would even later in the day go back to my post and edit in new details (and correct typos :lol:). Like this you can even play a little game with yourself, trying to beat your record and type out more than the previous day. I think my record was 7 or 8 pages. I really had fun and got engages with my dreams a lot. At the time I did this the most I think I had the greatest amount of spontaneous lucidity ever and my dreams got really vivid and detailed. Plus, even the most normal dreams started getting fun and interesting because I was remembering more and more details.

Quick example:
Instead of typing “I’m by a house with a DC and I go inside. There’s a kid watching tv in the living room and he offers me some candy. I eat it.”
Try stretching it out into something like “I’m by a small house with rough grey walls and a blue wooden door. There’s a tall blond girl next to me wearing a pink dress with ribbons. I don’t pay her any attention, instead I decide to explore the house and open the heavy door, turning the door knob. Inside I see a little boy with short black hair sitting cross-legged on a thick carpet, watching tv. On the big flat screen I see a weird version of Spongebob with four arms and a deep sinister voice. I see old pictures on the wall of families and some leather chairs. There is a door in the corner leading to the rest of the house. I boy turns to me and says hi, grinning. He pulls out a small red object from his left pocket and hands it to me. It’s a candy, I think him and unwrap it. I put it in my mouth and feel the hard surface on my tongue. It has a strange taste, like a mixture of strawberry and carrots.”

See how such a tiny simple scene can be stretched out? The more you write/type the more you’ll remember. After doing it like the example above you’ll automaticly start paying more attention to colors, shapes, surfaces, noises, and other senses, and your dreams should start getting a lot more vivid and detailed!


I would do that, but I’m just getting back into the swing of a dream journal so my recall isn’t the best right now, but I’ll try to incorporate as much detail as I can, and hopefully, it will be less boring :smile:

Not a problem, just try to write down everything you remember, even things that you remember but wouldn’t think about, like a DC’s shirt color :wink: You’ll get better in no time.

More info here, it’s a good read.

Look for dream signs. If you don’t know what i mean by that you should look it up.