How to motivate myself to write down my dreams in my DJ

I really want to have LDs and I realize the first step in that is dream recall. I usually recall fragments of my dreams when I wake up but then I don’t write them in my Dj and I forget them so my Dream Recall isn’t getting any better.

The thing is, at night I always really want LDs but then in the mornings I am less motivated. What can I do to get myself more motivated.

Likewise, my dream recall has totally regressed since I missed a couple days… now i’m having trouble writing the dreams down to get it back, since I don’t remember them as well.

What i used to do is write down “i will remember my dreams tonight” numerous times throughout the day, and over 3 nights my dream recall enhanced greatly. In terms of actually motivating yourself?? Well what i found was that the dream recall was so strong that i had no choice but to write it down, because i couldn’t get the dream out of my head.

You could try alternatives, such as using a voice recording system instead of writing. That might be the small bit of convenience you need to get motivated.

Do you have your dream journal right beside your bed?
I loose a lot of the dream´s information and a lot of motivation too if I get up first.

You could motivate yourself by thinking of finding a pattern in your dreams and by having some interesting storys you can (and should) read. Usually I have dreamthemes which develop over more than one night and I find it really interesting to find some meaning in them.

And another important motivation is to have lucid dreams :wink:

Here’s a bit of motivation. If you don’t write down the dreams you will forget them!! That awesome cool thing you just experienced is going to be gone forever!! You HAVE TO write it down!! You think to yourself “I should write this down because I’m going to forget”, and then you don’t do it? You know it is a mistake! You can’t accept that. You have the opportunity and you let laziness ruin it for you? When you wake up and have a memory of a dream; THIS is the time! You can do it right now, in this moment. This instant. You ought to- you have to! You know it. Just do it!

why not just take this as an experiment?

like try out writing your dreams for the first week and see if it improves your chances at LD…

the results would motivate you…

in my opinion, you miss out a great deal of seriously awesome stuff if you have a poor dream recall…

plus even mundane dreams are a part of you…how can you just let them go away?

How about you once you wake up, you quickly try to get your DJ out and write it down. I tried that, and I was able to write it down due to reflex.

I started a DJ about a month ago, and it was too much of a chore to me.

One day after I woke up, I could remember remnants of the dream, and maybe mulled over vague scenes in my head. I was too lazy to write it down, and so a few hour later I could not remember a thing. And tbh it was surprisingly very irritating. So after racking my brains and finally recalling it, I decided that even just a few words (the major themes) would be sufficient if I was too lazy to write the whole thing. Those words could easily jerk my memory and let my dream recall come back to me when I wanted to (as long as it is recent enough).

I do find that when I go to write the major themes however, I end up writing the whole dream down.

very true… :smile:

I had no motivation either, a few days ago my first night full of dreams was less than a page long. Three days later, I’m writing 4 pages down for one dream. That motivated me. ^.^

I can’t remember where I saw this technique… I think it’s some celebrity’s technique for motivating himself to stick to a workout plan, but I apply it to my dream journal and I find it works for me

When you’ve recorded a dream, get out a calendar and mark the space for the current day. (The article I originally read recommended making a big red X over the calendar space; I use the digital calendar on the device I keep my DJ on and make an event called “Recorded!”) The next day, do the same thing. You have now started a chain, and your goal is to grow the chain as long as possible before breaking it (skipping a day).

I find this helps me because I have a tangible reminder of how well (or poorly) I’m doing with my DJ. It also keeps me from being too hard on myself; it’s much easier not to stress over a dry spell when I can look at my calendar and see at a glance that I’ve gone from rarely remembering a dream at all to remembering dreams at least several times a week most weeks.