How to open your eyes once you're lucid

Last night I was dreaming that there was an “ice spill” (I know its weird) and me my friend and apparently my two soccer coaches were at the river helping clean up. I fell into the water, and I couldn’t get back to shore. A wave hit me and flung me up, and then another wave hit me and flung me 20 feet into the air. While in the air I finally realized I was dreaming for the first time in my life! However, for some reason my eyes closed (I don’t remember when) and I pinched my nose and I could breathe in. I remember hearing that excitement many times prematurely ends lucid dreams, so I took deep breaths. But when I went to open my eyes I guess I opened the, in real life because I was awake on my bed. How can I open my eyes in my ld without opening them in real life?

You have to realize that you don’t need to open your eyes in a dream, you are not actually using your eyes after all.

Last time I had this issue, I made the darkness part of the dream. I believed that the darkness was a bubble around me. Then I just floated out of it and I could see.

In another lucid dream I got watery eyes, which hindered my vision. Just telling myself that nothing can actually block my vision in a dream helped.

Other solutions that quickly come to my mind:

  • Imagine a switch before you, activate it and there will be light !
  • Put on your light-amplification goggles
  • Open a door and go outside in a beautiful sunny day

In general, LDs are the land of imagination, just wish for something to happen, and it will become “reality”

Oddly, I can’t close my eyes in an LD. Okay, technically I can, but anything I think about that’s an image then becomes something my dream body can move into and about in. So, maybe that: when your eyes are closed, think of it not as “blocking out the dream world” but as a potential world in itself, that your mind can make have some light and color, texture, space, that sort of thing. I hope this helps!