How to overcome recurring lucid nightmare entity?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here, so thank you for having me. Basically, a year ago I watched a horror movie that messed me up extremely bad. The antagonist of the movie disturbed me so much that I had extremely vivid nightmares about it for three weeks straight after I watched the film. I became scared of sleeping to the point where I became quasi-nocturnal for awhile, sleeping from about 7am until noon or so. This really shocked me, because I typically don’t react to horror movies strongly at all, so the fact that this movie affected me so deeply was bizarre and uncanny. It’s almost as if the film dug up some primitive, deeply embedded subconscious fear.

Since this happened, I’ve re-normalized my sleep schedule and let go of a lot of fear of this entity. However, whenever I become lucid in a dream, I immediately start thinking about the fact that this entity is going to show up and traumatize me at any moment. This makes me panic, and I end up forcing myself to wake up.

This is a huge problem because I love to lucid dream and I find it to be a fulfilling extension of my life. So my question is: How can I brace myself for battle and just overcome this thing? I’d really appreciate hearing about some of your own personal experiences with overcoming your fears within your dreams!

TLDR - I’m struggling to lucid dream without being interrupted by a nightmare entity.

PS. I won’t name the movie, just because this is the internet and I don’t want to risk some random asshole trying to exploit my fear lol.

hello @alexanderjm. If it was my dream, I would make a list of all of the ways I can overpower it. Then read the list a number of times. Then SET THE INTENTION of finally defeating it/him in my next dream

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