How to perform a a WILD without sp

How can I perform a WILD without having to make my body a literally, living stick- and have to go through sleep paralysis… I know its possible to do it without sleep paralysis, because I saw it on the ld4all guide on this very website! :wink: , and it didn’t say one thing about not moving :nuu: , or having to go through sleep paralysis :nodnodwinkwink:
Even in another forum, a user named stranger posted

… so can you please tell me a step-to-step guide on WILD, and what I can tell myself to stay conscious while going through WILD without sleep paralysis, so please reply, thank you so MUCH, all is appreciated greatly :bored: :smile:
There is a guide trough a WILD. And you do need to have a SP while doing WILD. Here is one good “video” that gave me OBE and my best WILD expirience so far.

Thanks, so how did you get the OBE out of the video? Please Reply, thanks

From all the dreamers I’ve talked to, I don’t think SP is necessary for WILDs. But it seems to be easier for beginners to use SP.

I have definitely had WILDs without full SP, and simply in a deeply heavy relaxed state. I don’t have step-by-step instructions to offer, though.

An easy way might be to try to WILD from a DILD. Once you’re in the DILD, wake yourself up but don’t move at all–stay completely still and watch for any imagery.

Add: There are easy ways to break SP, too. If you’re frightened by SP, you can induce it, but then use heavy breathing or toe-wiggling to keep yourself from becoming totally paralyzed, and just hover in that near-SP state.

There are ways to do it without SP, for sure. One that I’ve had success with in the past is what I call the ‘counting technique’ (not sure what it’s really called…I learned this one a long time ago). You might not necessarily pass directly from wakefulness to sleep paralysis to REM sleep…then again, you usually hit REM and sleep paralysis at the same time anyways. Using SP to WILD is really something you want to do between REM periods, if you just so happen to stay paralyzed. Maybe this would be called a method for having semi-Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams.

Anyhow, here is the method:

  1. Wake up. Preferably in the morning or after you’ve slept for a while, since REM periods get longer the longer you’ve slept, and they also get closer together. Lie still in bed and relax and get ready to fall asleep again. If this works, you’ll be asleep quite soon.

  2. Count. Count yourself to sleep, and while you’re counting, repeat to yourself, “I’m dreaming.” You can say it in your mind, or visualize it…whatever works best for you. As you count, you should be saying/visualizing, “One…I’m dreaming…Two, I’m dreaming…Three, I’m dreaming…” and so fourth.

  3. Have a lucid dream! If this technique works, you might soon find yourself dreaming, and still counting: “Forty two, I’m dreaming…forty three, I’m dreaming…” If all goes well, this will be enough to make you realize that you actually are dreaming, and counting, whereas before you were lying in bed with your eyes closed and counting!

You might not count the same way in your dream, and this might be something to look out for, but it can still help you achieve lucidity. A friend of mine once had a lucid dream like this, but he wasn’t counting aloud in his dream. Instead, he later told me, he was writing down the natural numbers on a piece of paper in math class. The teacher approached him and asked why he wasn’t doing his math, and he replied, “I have to write these numbers down so that I know I’m dreaming…” Et voila! He realized he was dreaming.

I hope this works for you pezzini123 :smile:

WILD runs the risk of you falling into sleep paralysis. There is no sure-fire way to prevent it. Some people are more susceptible than others. It happens all the time for me, but for my friend it never happens.

Yes, you can do a WILD without sleep paralysis. There are many variations of WILD.

Whether you notice it or not, WILD will always put you in SP. anyone telling you different is not telling you the full story.

If you do not have SP, you will sleepwalk. You could enter an LD so fast that you won’t notice or be bothered by SP but that’s about it.

The amount of… n00bs I guess for lack of a better word… giving advice on this forum these days makes me sad.

REM sleep is what puts you into sleep paralysis :wink:

In a manner of speaking yes. But I think what pezzini123 was asking (sorry if I’m putting words in your mouth!) was whether there are techniques that don’t rely specifically on consciously passing into sleep paralysis, but that might be different from MILD. And indeed, there are. I myself like those because I just can’t lay still if I’m thinking about how I have to lay still and wait until I become paralyzed. So, sure…you can have a WILD without using a method that relies too heavily on SP, but there will still be SP. Just sayin’ :smile:

Well yes but WILD includes LD which necessitates REM obviously , although I understand the smiley might indicate you are just being fastidious :happy: .

Well again, the only way would be to go really really fast past that stage but vague statements about what someone said once to someone else maybe is not helpful.

By sleep paralysis, I mean getting stuck and getting that feeling of paralysis coupled with auditory and sometimes visual hallucinations. Not going through it, because we do go through it every night when we fall asleep while we’re unconscious. I don’t think that what he’s afraid of, or he’ll try to never fall asleep. Just because we go through it all the time doesn’t mean we “experience” it every night, or every time we WILD.

You’re just getting over a technicality. And you also know what the OP means by Sleep Paralysis; he means being conscious during the SP and getting stuck in it.

I do have a slight tendency for that…so, my bad :content:

You’re right. People are just trying to help out, I suppose. For my part, I find that I have a pretty tough time lying still enough to enter SP consciously, like I mentioned before. And it rarely happens to me that I wake up and remain paralyzed, so I suppose from my experience that it’s a lot easier to use techniques that take advantage of SP if I’ve just awakened for only a few moments, and then start falling asleep again. Of course, I’m usually so tired that I completely forget to do this…I used to call it “REM-surfing” but that’s probably no more original than my counting method. Anyways, hopefully this helps whoever is reading…I tend to ramble quite a lot :eh:

REM surfing, love it.