How to plan a short night or early awakening


I want to ask you all what technique you use and how you plan your night when you know you won’t have time in the morning (for example when you have to wake up at 6am or 7am when you went to sleep at midnight).

  • Do you decide it’s better to sleep and you don’t plan anything to have a LD ?
  • Do you use a method : which one (WILD, WBTB…) and how do you calculate the moment when your alarm should wake you up ?
  • Do you use MILD only and then wait to see if something happens in the night ?

This question is important to me because since I had LDs in the mornings, but I’m still a newbie to controling having LD (but not having them since I’ve had them since I was little), I don’t know if trying to wake up in the night or try MILD on the evening is completely useless.

I tried it and it did not work when I get up early, but I’d like to hear about your experiences before I give up :tongue:

Don’t give up! If you want to LD when you have to wake up early, there’s still lots of hope!

If you have the time, you can always go to bed early and schedule a few WBTB sessions. These work awesome, in conjunction with WILD and MILD techniques.

I do some WILD techniques, even when I’m first going to bed, because they often trigger DILD just like MILD techniques.

Keep flooding your waking mind with dream thoughts, RCs and such, you’ll get them even when you wake up early.

if I go to bed at 11pm should I try WBTB at 2am then 5am until I woke up at 7am ?
Or for short times, it’s better to do this only once in the night ?

I want to say something but it’s not WBTB…it’s only set the alarm to wake up, but except for putting it off, you don’t do anything, you go back to bed immediatly, and then you do a WILD…is there a name for this ?

Hi Colors,
My technique for a while every night has been to read a little about LDs and dreams as well as make and some affirmations about becoming conscious in a dream. I also set my dream journal with a pen close by with a written affirmation that states I am open to receiving a guidance dream or lucid dream. It sets the intention. I only interrupt sleep once at around 6am, (get up and get a sip of water real quick, I don’t do this for more than 5 minutes) which is 2 hours before I have to actually wake up and go. An LD is sure to come after that. Although lately I have been aiming for LD without WBTB, only with pure intention.

I have been on vacation for a while :tongue: but when I had to get up early I’d meditate at night before bed, and maybe do a little auto-suggestion, including one for me to wake up naturally in the early morning and remember to try and LD. Then when I woke up I’d maybe open my eyes and move them around to wake my mind up a bit, I didn’t get out of bed. Then I’d stay real still and try MILD/WILD.

Just remember that, for me at least, when you have to get up early your chances drop a lot. Of course. what I mean is like… any little result you get has double it’s value!

When I did this I got LD’s rarely, but I did get them :tongue: I’d be happy with a vivid or long non-lucid dream (or even hapy for remembering a single dream!)

oh I see, I am lucky enough to have ND each night and remember them well in the morning. But as for LD…last week I put too much effort in it, with no LD at all, and I felt the pressure growing every evening. This week I am more concentrating on RL, but I know I should not give up after only 7 days ^^

THanks for the comments, I’ll set the alarm 2h before time to get up, and I will WILD and see what comes next :smile:

Colors - I struggled with this too. Try to go to bed a little earlier than usual if possible. I had to curb my (bad) habit of staying up late in favor of lucid dreams. The other thing is you can do it if you do like these guys say and get up 2 hours before waking and try WILD.

But I learned it won’t work if you do the WBTB variation where you read for 60 minutes on LD, then trying WILD will put you almost at waking time. Instead, read on it before going to sleep the first time.