How to prolong LD?

what do you do in real life when you want to stay calm? Try doing that in your LD :smile:

Thanks, that makes sense :smile: Some deep breathing might work… or why not yoga? Yoga moves are very calming and they make me feel focused. I want to try if that works in a LD. lol!

i use to like rubbing my hands, but i recently have discovered how much better spinning is.

I’m gonna have a LD tonight so I was wondering what do you guys mean by spin on your axis? Like spin around like in WL or like a planet does?

I’d recommend some suggestion and visualization throughout the day. I had the same problem of getting excited and waking up, but it’s getting better now. I realized that if I didn’t put learning to calm myself down as priority #1, I’d be having 4 second lucid dreams the rest of my life. So fight the urge to jump off the nearest cliff, breathe deep, remind yourself its a dream, and to keep calm. Your dreams should be getting longer and longer.

Yep, like IRL. Throw your arms out to your sides (make a T) and spin like a helicopter! Hehe I’ll do this, and rub my hands together, for a few minutes before going to bed to program my brain to know what it should feel like in a dream. A while ago rubbing my hands in a dream didn’t seem to work very well, then I realized that I didn’t really do that very much IRL to begin with, so I make a point of doing it more often and really focusing on the sound, feel, heat, etc from it. Do that when you spin, and just for kicks and giggles, try it right before you jump into bed.

By the way, does anyone know what the longest LD was? I’d love to have a good hour, more of course if possible. If you are lucid all throughout your REM period, do you wake up when REM is over or does REM continue?

It’s not really necessary to practice spinning before going to bed. :wink: When you’re in a LD, you do it like children do IRL when they want to get their head spinning. By the way, it has been noticed that you don’t experience vertigo in LD, the inner ear problem is obviously not reproduced.

Slightly off-topic :tongue: but the longest LD that has been recorded in laboratory was 50 mn long, i.e. a REM period. As for me, my longest LD was 30 mn long (my technique was staring at my hands at the very beginning of the LD, then from time to time). I made some statistics and I noticed that with this technique, my LD’s were 50% longer than without.

After a REM period, there is a micro-awakening, so that you wake up. It’s possible though to practice dream chaining and enter another LD.

Another prolonging technique was developped by Allan Worsley: it consists in randomly moving eyes when you feel you’ll wake up. It sounds like it prolongs the dream and Worsley said he got once 10 extra minutes.

When i get into a lucid dream i feel like i dont have a lot of time and i try to do something fast like fly but it never works. One time I put my hand through a mirror and it felt wierd and then I tryed to enter into the mirror but everything just got really dark and then i woke up. How do I increase my control in my dreams and not get worried that i will wake?

like alot of people i prefer to spin, i dont only do this to make me more lucid but it feels almost orgasmic. Another one that is just as good is to “Discharge”. Just think of the dudes in dragonball z how when they go super-sayan they shoot out a yellow stream of energy. You just tense up and it helps to shout or something, if you are able to controll a LD you know its not too hard to will things to happen. Every time i have done this, the energy i shoot out is blue. This technique feels awsome and hightens your lucidity to the max. I didnt use dragonball z as my inspiration for this, i just did it.

hopefully some of you will try this out. Foote

“Robert Monroe even reported experiencing 100 years in a 2 hours OOBE”
Although it was an OBE, the concept of stopping time is still very applicable to LD’s. It is alot harder to stay in a LD than out of body, but if you conciously try and slow down “real time” then it can definatly extend you subjective experience of a LD. This can be done in many ways, using the same techniques to increase lucidity. You can command the time in your dream universe to slow down, create some kind of time altering device, perhaps a Zero point enery modulaor of some sort, pretty much anyway you can think of.

The only reason I don’t do this is because

  1. I don’t really scream in real life, So it’s uncomfortable to me? :confused:
  2. I don’t want to wake up screaming.

Spinning helped me, screaming didn’t seem to do anything.

But once I lost lucidity in middle of an LD. I noticed this when i woke up because in my dream i started to bite on Styrofoam o.O

For me i recently found that closing my eyes and focusing on what i just saw combined with envisaging what it should look like (aka a proper wall that isn’t melting into a blur of colour) while remaining aware of the room around me helps a lot.

It has been 6 nights since I discovered this website. This last night I had my first lucid dream (DILD, by the way). The odd thing is that the moment I asked myself if I could go back to my sleeping body I inmidiatly saw that everything was black in less than a microsecond, and I found out I was awake when I opened my eyes. From when I asked myself to when I opened my eyes took less than 1 second, and I cursed myself for getting out of my dream before wanting to. Has this happened to anyone and is there a way to prevent it?

Arghh :grrr: I’ve had over 50 LD’s and still only one which was longer than a minute.
Lately I’ve had very short LD’s followed by FA’s, and I always forget to do a RC…
…Been practising dreaming for almost a year, and I’ve never done anything cool I really would like to do.

My problem isn’t waking up from a LD, but forgetting that I’m in a dream. Both times I’ve had an LD, I’ll be in a normal dream when suddenly I realize that it’s a dream, and I go lucid. It doesn’t take much to distract me though, a DC calling my attention to something that was happening in the dream, usually, and then I forget that none of it is real. Any suggestions for how I can remember that I’m dreaming after I’ve realized it?

Keep saying, “I’m dreaming.” Over and over.

I had my first LD about a week ago and right when I figured out I was dreaming I got really excited and had a FA so I decided to do a RC anyways. So I tried to put my finger through my hand and it worked and I was like :eek: then I too excited and woke up for real head/desk
But I think it was pretty good for my first try :content:

It was a very good first LD! Congrats!

For me to stay lucid i rub my hands together while saying, “this is a dream” occasionally.

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My mental block is I want the dream to be real and I struggle and say this must be true, but then im like, no it is a dream and then im happy and i explore it