How to prolong LD?

can you describe a lucid dream that you have had to me, and from there i can be of more help.

But, most of the time, people who do gain lucidity lose it right away or wake up very soon after due to excitment. This will cause your blood to pump faster reaslies a whole bunch of chemicals in your brain and increase your wave lengths. Ultimitly you will awake from this, so the best thing to do, is to remain calm.

holding onto grass :wink: i used to do that too a long time ago. didnt help me much either.

Here are a few things that i would suggest you try next time you are inside a lucid dream. Remembering that each event and style is different from everyone. So choose the ones that you feel most comfortable with.

1.Remain calm ! ~~~~ its hard to start with but the more lucid dreams you have no matter how short the better you are going to get at it. So when you do wake up, dont get angry or upset, just breath smile to your self that you were lucid and renforce your self that next time you lucid dream it will last longer.

  1. Grab hold of something solid ~~~ this is a mind trick, which you have already tried, but instead of grass grab something more solid, Grass never worked for me, but a metal poll did. And as you grab it say to your self, stay here remain in the dream. or anyhting else you like.

  2. entice your senses.~~~~ mose of the time you will lose a dream from excitment etc etc, and as you do you will notice things start to fade, vision, hearing touch smell and as each of these fades you are going to find your self in either the black void for abit or awake now focusing on your awake senses. So instead while you are in the lucid dream focus on your dream senses. Grab a hand full of dirt, and feel it run thorugh your hands, toucha tree what does the bark feel like. Smell a flower or drink or eat something. Look around and experience your dream world.

I have found most of the time, my most powerful and longest lasting lucids have been when i have been compeatly involved in what i am doing inside the dream.

  1. screaming inside your dream.~ some people claim this works for them, it just blows up my dream.

  2. give your mind orders~ increase lucidity now works and only works if you mean it. Much like a RT.

  3. Do reality Tests ~~~ yes they help they reinforce that you are dreaming.

  4. Get moving. the more you move the more you are focusing on your dream enviroment, feel everything.

  5. Take it easy at the same time ~~~ dont always fight things or fly everywhere or have a heap of action. Look back over your longest lasting dreams you will find they have long periods of action and then rest then action action action then wake. or how ever you work.

  6. Try lucid dreaming early in the morning, Rem periods are longer then and you are more likely to catch a long and full rem period using wild then, then a crap 5 minute rem at the start of your period.

there is a link on the forum that will descirbe these techniques and may more.

this is one of them but there are many more too around the forum

good luck keep me upto date :smile:

woah, thanks timeless, that was a big help!.
Im not yet at the lucidy part but
I memorized your advices just in case i manage to get lucid one of these days.

your welcome mate, thats what im here for.

Trust me you will get lucid sooner then you think. :content:

Yeah thanks heaps :happy:, i was like in my school and i tried to find someone but my dream kept fading from colour to black and white then to just blurs .

I sorta began to realise that holding the grass didn’t help as it… you know didn’t.
I couln’t feel it either, i just kind of grabbed it and watched it running through my fingers as i dropped it.
Not even noticing that i couldn’t feel it, stupid me.

I don’t tend to get so overly excited that i wake up anymore but i still get excicted enough not to do a reality check and actually look around me and take it all in.
one day…

dont stress, be happy with your acheivments so far, not everybody can get the same expereinces that we all share here.

If you can actually feel it try to imagine that you can, try to imagine staying inside the dream world for a much longer period of time, during your waking hours and even while you are LDing. This was a huge help for me when i first started, i only needed to do it for a week before it took hold, and really a week isnt that long when you think about it.


your supposed to spin your dream body, or rub your hands together. don’t know if anyone up there said that but it’s what i know to do. it helps your mind focus on your dream body as apposed to focusing on your real body.

Ok thanx, i’ll try all that stuff :happy:

How to stay lucid. The one and only thing keeping me from a vivid lucid life. I have very much talent in LD-ing and I have tons of LD’s without even trying or wanting to get one but just practicing my recall. But as soon as I get lucid, I freak out. :meh:

In my LD (Yes, I have now decided it was a lucid dream of some sort!) I found out I was dreaming and though like “What the hell am I doing? Nothing here is real, cause I’m dreaming!”, I felt how my vision was fading and the vividness went real low. Half lucid I freaked out (Cause I want to stay lucid. Hey, I was half-lucid by this point, it’s like being really drunk, I have like no clear judgement), so I simply knew I wasn’t gonna be lucid for long and ran up to each and every girl around me and I kissed them all.
Half-lucid as I was it never occured to me that perhaps a reality check would be good :razz:

But why did you not increase your lucidity? :eh:

Anyway, I recognice this but then on a smaller scale. When I know I wake up in a couple of seconds I want to do something and jump really high. :tongue: Maybe this awnsers your question, but I’ll just have to put it in a larger scale. Or not?

This isn’t a problem… but really a question.

In a lucid dream I had a few days ago, I was getting extremely excited about finally being successful after months of no LD s… My heart was beating very loudly, I could even hear and feel the surges in my ears as if I had just run a mile.

I was wondering if this was merely a dream symbol or my actual, real-life heart… It was very powerful and vivid. :content:

the best way to stay lucid is to avoided absolutely reports of waking up/losing lucidity, so it will never cross your subconscious mind.
so leave this thread.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I figure that it’s definitely worth a shot.

I based this idea off of a few other ones I had walking home from classes today (which was all of 100 feet, but the thoughts were coming really fast…), but you know how some people wake up from dreams by trying NOT to wake up. And some people almost WILD but they’re too conscious of their own body.

I was also tired walking back home, and i realized that when I tried to focus, I would try to focus on my surroundings. I’d try focusing on everything around me.

So what if it’s like that in a dream, too? Stabilize it by focusing on your surroundings. Instead of focusing on not waking up (which is more negative), you’re focusing on staying in the dream (which is more positive). You’re trying to become more conscious of you dreamworld instead of waking life.

What do you think? I’m gonna try this tonight and see how it goes.

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I’m not sure if it would work, but I’ll try focusing on my surrounding some more.

That is exactly what LaBerge recommended, if memory serves me.

I find that staying involved in a dream with as many senses as possible and concentrating works better than spinning to lengthen Lucid Dreams.

I never focus on not waking up and always the content of the dream so I’m positive it’ll work. :smile:

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I already had some LDs, but they are so shooooort :sad:
I tried prolonging techniques, like rubbing hands and staring at them, but it doesn’t work… Everything seems clear and vivid, I do something for a few minutes and suddenly i wake up… dream doesn’t fade out, it changes to black and I wake up in the same moment… I’ve had DILDs, MILDs, and I think WILD too… Please help me :cry:

All I know is just rub your hands, spin around and also another one is do the stop drop and roll thing like your in a fire. I heard that from someone else on here.

forest_guru, I see you just have had 11 LD’s. Be more patient and stay stuck to the prolonging methods you already know. If the dream becomes black, you can also try the spinning method to prolong LD; or even the chaining dream method in order to have another LD after you woke up.

My problem is now… how to remember not to be so excited that you actually remember to rub your hands? :happy: I don’t think I’ve ever remembered to rub my hands or spin in a LD. The thought hasn’t crossed my mind! And the dreams fade after a few seconds. Should I rub my hands IRL, so I get used to it? :bored: And yes, I have to practice not being so excited in a LD. Jumping around frantically doesn’t help much.