How to prolong LD?

What are some ways of prolonging LD’S that aren’t in Exploring the world of LDing? Every time I get in an LD, it fades away quickly. My LD’s are lamer than FDR’S legs!!! :wallhit:

Probably one of the most asked about questions in LDing…
I’ll give you the info from the ld4all site:

Prolonging lucidity
Once you realize you are dreaming, it is sometimes difficult to remain lucid, or even to remain dreaming. Here are some tips to keep you lucid:

Remain calm
One of the most common things that causes you to wake up is sheer exitement. As soon as you realize you are dreaming you can get very exited. Try to stay calm by taking deep breaths and repeating something like:“I’m lucid and i stay in my dream.”

If you feel the dream fading use this technique. Twirl around your own axis (you won’t get dizzy) and repeat to yourself:“When I stand still I’m still dreaming.” or “When I stop I’m [insert place you want to end up]”
Look at your hands.
Another stabilizing technique is to focus at a stable reference point in the dream, like your hands or the ground.

According to research the spinning technique is the most efficient, followed by the rubbing-hands technique. 	

Rub your hands together
The rubbing will give you a vivid sense of movement and friction. While rubbing your hands repeat to yourself: “I am still inside my dream” or something else that for you will help you to stay lucid.

Grab hold of something
When you feel your dream fade, grab hold of something in the dream. Grab something like the grass, or take an object within reach, or hold on to a dream character. While holding on to it, say you want to stay inside the dream.

Make a “to do” list
Not knowing what to do while lucid can make you easily drift back into the normal dream. Make a list of things you want to do in a lucid dream. Then before going to sleep pick one or two things you want to do that night. Keep that in mind when going to sleep.
In this way, when you become lucid, you directly know what your goal is and can pursue it.

Shout it out
When you feel lucidity fading shout:“Increase lucidity now!” or:“Lucidity x1000!”.

Don’t open your eyes or otherwise move when you awaken. Just lie still and allow the dream to re-form around you. As long as you don’t move, it’s really easy to do… Make sure you don’t forget that you’re dreaming, though - 'cause that’s easy to do too…

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So I’ve been doing RC’s and stuff for a little over a month now and it’s finally been paying off. The last four night’s I’ve had a LD using the WBTB method and MILD. However, whenever I become lucid I get out of my bed, try and do something to increase my lucidity and then just when I’m about to do something I want I wake up.

This has happenned all four nights in a row and while I love that I’m being able to become lucid, when the dreams only last a few seconds or a min you really can’t do anything. One of my thoughts was that I’m trying to do WBTB to late so the sunlight is waking me back up but I’m really not sure. Anyone have any ideas?

I don’t think the sunlight would be waking you back up. Most of my LDs seem to be in the daylight, around 7-10am. Remember to remain calm when you go into your LD, do a reality check and just check your surroundings for a second. The fact that you’ve became lucid 4 nights in a row is good news and with practice you should get better.

Light can even boost lucid dreams, it causes ligher sleep, and in light sleep it’s easier to get lucid. Maybe you just expect to wake up, after reaching lucidicy? Staying calm is important too. You can do some stuff to stay in dream, like rubbing hands, spinning, etc. Be positive, and don’t give up.

I just can seem to stay more than few seconds lucid… I try to calm down, spin, focus on something, rub my hands, anything… It just starts to fade… Or I wake up… Last try I woke up and for the first time felt SP!

(offtopic) \o/ Yay! It’s so scaring, I could see my bedroom window (real life) and the foreground of my dream (some DCs turning their back on me), and couldn’t move and kept trying, is so scaringly fun! :smiley: (/offtopic)

My techniques aren’t the best to get LD, I just read this site and stuff. I tried the techniques before, but I don’t actually did them in the dream, the idea of being in a dream just pop in my mind with sure and I don’t really need reality checks or anything because I just know it is a dream, but it just fades… Last time when I realized it was a dream there was a enormous tiredness/pain in my entire body when I found out that was dream (maybe because I had just been hit by a large tv, but there was no pain before I know it was a dream)… And I kept tryinhg stuff but waking up with that pain/tiredness… It kept on for the SP until I calmed down and stop trying to move, then I was out of SP and the pain/tiredness…

I searched the forums but found no asnwers to how remain lucid… Just the site ideas and here they tell the people to stay calm… But not how to stay calm with everything blacking out in front of your very own eyes… O_O Anyway, I think I’m calm… Somehow… But it fades anyway! x_x

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You said you already tried different things. Do you really try to feel it when you rub your hands? It’s pretty important, because that’s why it keeps you in the dream.

You can still try to rub your hands when your vision is black. When vision disappears, touch could take over. As long as one sense is still in the dream you’re not supposed to wake up. That’s why it is important to actually feel that you’re rubbing your hands or spinning.

A possible reason for you to wake up so quick is because you expect it to happen. The first time it just happened, because you may have been exited. After a few times you just think you wake up soon, because that is how it goes with you. It sounds easier to say than to do, but you could try to get rid of this. know that you will stay in the dream, really try to believe it.

Good luck,

Stay calm but don’t stay still and don’t rush about either. Just take a walk and observe your surroundings first.

Thanks… I’ll give it a try… :content: Tomorrow I’ll say what I’ve got…

And sorry making a new topic, I didn’t found this one… :shy:

Well in my first good lucid dream i used spinning when the dream started to fade. It worked well. Although i haven’t really tried this to any conclusive extent i hear that thinking logically will sustain a LD. spinning, hand rubbing, observing detail. Hey you have LD’s (and if you haven’t you will with application) maybe you know some stuff. i’m not the expert, i’m at best an intermediate, however you can try whatever you like.

I’ve been trying to practice LD since October 2006 now, but lately things have really started to catch up, both with motivation and actual LDs. The last week I’ve been using WILD (FILD) with WBTB and it has almost worked, guess I need some more training. But during the last two weeks I’ve had 4 quite short LDs with DILD.

Two of those LDs were quite good. In number one I was at a hotel and I was thinking about what to do and I jumped out of a window and started to fly. But around 20 sec later I started to lose the ability to fly and the dream faded.

In the second one (last night actually) I once again became lucid by the DILD method. And when I realised I was dreaming I span around my own axis a couple of times, said “increase lucidity” and drank a lucid-coke. So I was pretty relaxed and I just walked around checking the place out. I came out of the building I was in and the place had an absolutely stunning view over where I live. I then thought I would have to fly over it and decided to fly by using my arms as wings. So I spread my arms and was ready to take off, but just as I did that, I woke up. The dream didn’t even start to fade, I just woke up, so I couldn’t do any techniques to stay in the dreamingworld. :meh:

So are there any good tips as to how to stay lucid longer now? Would doing a lot of RC’s work? What to do about those dreams that don’t even fade, but just end in a second?

Edit: Explained a bit better.

Okay, last night I prolonged my dream in different ways. First I re-entered, then focussed (sp?) twice, then used my own method.
When I focussed I sort of zoomed in on the thing I was looking at (a plant). Don’t ask me where I got the zooming from thing from >_>

My own technique (which I’ve only used in that dream) is weird and just came out of nowhere. It involved the room getting “colored in”, but not from black and white. It’s hard to explain and I don’t understand it myself but I did it 3 times.

My dream started to fade when I moved quickly and got excited. I’ve heard that getting excited causes you to wake up but I don’t know about the movement thing.

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I dont have many lucid dreams but when I do I cant hold on to the dream. I tried spinning around twice and it has failed me both times. When I was spinning the dream just got darker and darker untill i was awake. when i relised it wasn’t working i stopped but I was already awake. I really need :help: on staying lucid, so if any of you can help me it would be greatly apreciated

I understand it’s annoying when you don’t have many Lucid Dreams. But you only tried spinning twice. It can still work for you. I experienced the same thing. I tried spinning but it did nothing for me, seemed to wake me up even so I stopped doing it. Now I find it can be helpful to activate my senses and stabilising the dream. So I say, try doing something different, rubbing hands or something. Just calming down and not worrying about waking up is helpful, although not as easy as it sounds.
When you feel ready to try spinning again, do it.

I seem to have more success asking politely for more lucidity than shouting for it…

This is what I usually do to prolong or improve the quality of a lucid dream:

I actively describe everything I see, hear and feel, for instance:
-The lightswitch isn’t working, because I’m dreaming
-I’m petting my cat, her fur is longer than in waking life
-The music in the background is from The Legend of Zelda

in dilds i just sit there doing a nose reality test for a while just making sure im acctually lucid then i move and its all good… :cool:

yea Ive done that too but I still sometimes wake myself up by moving. And sometimes as soon as I get lucid I automaticly wake myself up…

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I scream increase lucidity x 1000 & i threw my self onto the ground held the grass with all my might!
I also spun in circles rapidly! :grrr:
But each only allowed me for bursts of colour!
After i’d do one thing like the lights in my dream would turn on then they’d go out again!
Is the problem that i forgot to do a reality check? would that of helped?