how to stabilize flying?

I love to fly :fly:
But I never manage to keep flying. I wake up much too soon :sad:
Who knows how to stabilize your flight?

(I use jumping in the air as a reality check. So sometimes I get lucid while flying :smile: )

Moved from Quest for Lucidity :tardis:

Maybe rub your hands mid-flight?

Like Pugsmith said, rubbing your hands is a good option. Also, I like to focus on the feeling of flying itself. It’s hard to describe, but it feels like something I’m actively doing. The times I’m not “actively” flying are the times I tend to float away without control. Try doing a dive, see how it feels. Fly up as fast as you can. The best way I can describe it is a feeling of energy. My body isn’t just floating around, I’m actively trying to control what I am doing.

Thank you for your advice!
I can not wait to try this :smile:

In those few lucid dreams i’ve had, i tried to fly. It was always more floating than real flying. the feeling was like there is no gravity. And after while i loose my lucidity. Flying become normal and i don’t enjoy it at all :sad: Maybe i should focus more on my body or technique of a flying? Donno

I’ve never had problems with flying. I have them after landing. The dream always starts to rapidly lose stability after landing. I was only once able to stop this process.

There is something that is unclear to me.
I do a lot of flying and quiet often.
But I consider it as a normal sleep phenomenon.
I have never correlated it with LD unless it was initiated on conscious intention.
So I wonder if by definition any flying experience indicates LD, or there must be other indications as well.

Flying can happen in LD and ND. A dream is not necessarily lucid if you flew, but it can be. A dream is lucid if you are aware that you are dreaming. If you already wonder “Am I dreaming?” and test that by flying, then you will become lucid.