How to start with no short term memory?

Hello all :3

I’m a newb here, and I’ve read up on everything, been peeking around your forums for a bit. But here’s one problem:
I have a short term memory thats almost comparable to an extreme case of short term memory loss. Seriously, I can’t remeber what I was told a few minutes ago. Luckily I seem to have a kind of middle memory that helps take it’s place :p.

Were do you think someone in this sort situation should start out?

This is why you keep a dream journal. I mean you would probably remember the dream you wake up to, i noticed i wake up to every lucid dream i have so you might be the same way, and if you arent then you can force yourself to wake up before the LD end so you do wake. All your memory loss is probably being stored subconsiess or however you spell it, which you could be reminded of in your dreams (which could help somehow)

I hope i was alittle help.

Yes, keep a DJ and you can try to wake yourself up. When i was a little child i use to have nightmares, and i would wake my self up by tensing all my muscels in my body, and i could feel myself do it in the dream, and if i did it hard enoguh i would wake up.