how to stop getting excited?

question, ive had like 10 LD’s now and they were very realistic but they only last like 10-20 seconds lmao. I use WILD when going to bed at night, I get through the SP, I get into the dream, and get excited try something and the second it works I instantly wake up. I try telling myself before I goto bed to be calm but it doesnt it. Any tips?

Every time I get excited and almost wake up I say :’‘NO!I want to dream!’’ or something like that.
Always works.It is now a reflex lol.

I wish you luck! :wink:

My suggestions would be to try and set your intention to be on stabilising the dream, before you do anything else. Don’t hype yourself up or think about what you can do, when you do get lucid you want to be calm, try to honestly believe that being lucid is not the awesome amazing experience you have built it up to be.