How to stop lucid dreaming?

I would like to stop lucid dreaming. Ive tried sleep aids, working out, eating healthy, and meditation but nothing works. It has gone from lucid dreaming to auditory and visual hallucinations while half awake and I am exhausted.

If anyone has any insight on how to dream regularly or forgetting dreams entirely I would appreciate it.

Welcome to this forum, your issue is Quite unique and how to make dreams stop draining ones energy is a very good Question, for me lucid dreaming gives me energy rather than taking it.

So now to your case, is there something in your life that has happened and your dreams are a reflection of that? Because dreams tend to be strong when something traumatic has happened.

Two, how were your dreams before this spontaneous lucidness and can you remember that period? Sometimes trying to recall something before a strong event can give keys to the solution.

To me it sounds like your brain brings the dreaming consciousness to this world (RC-time) and thus does not get its needed rest properly :shrug:

Anyway, hope my Questions give you some clues to the case and I just try to observe from an objective point of view, good luck with your case