How to tell the kids ?

I have a daughter and I wonder what strategy to adopt regarding to lucidity, consciousness, spirituality and all the stuff you won’t find in a school manual but I would like to transmit to her in a natural way, without provoking a counter-reaction.
I mean how to motivate her to search in the right direction without being directive, what is the best age, … ?

What do you think about it ?

These are just my oppinions and though not neccessary i will point out that i don’t have children should that make a difference to how you view my oppinions.

But i would suggest letting her find her own path, when she’s reached an age where you think she can understand the concept of Lucidity, consciousness and the rest then approach her. Talk briefly about what each topic is, let her know that you will be happy to go into these topics with her in detail if she wishes to do so and then leave it there. Let your daughter come to you about these topics should she wish to learn more about them.

Another thing i would add that i find important, is to try and avoid giving her the impression that your view on these subjects are 100% accurate. Give her the knowledge that you have acquired and the means to look further into herself to come to her own conclusions about them.

I think that’s probably the best advice i could muster in that area.

I’m not sure exacly how to tell her, but I think that the earlier the better so she grows up with lucidity as a part of her life. It will also make it easier for her to have lucid dreams later on in life

Jeez I wish I’d started earlier!

well i’d say around 10-13 would be a good age for begining lucid dreaming for a child.

younger than that and you might confuse them, and children of a younger age are not good at all with abstract thought, spiritual concepts, etc… we don’t develop the capacity of abstract thinking until adolescence, and some people never develop it.

So therefore talking to her about spirituality before then will be pointless, as it’ll just more or less be brainwashing.

This is coming from developmental psychology, specifically piaget’s theory of cognitive development, and based upon observing my brother, I ABSOLUTELY AGREE… kids cannot understand “God” and metaphysical stuff at all, they just believe it because you tell them it’s true… t hey don’t really begin to enter a correct mindset to analyze that stuff in an abstract sense until adolscence… so it’d be really beneficial to hold out on giving her ideas of spirituality until she is old enough to try and at least semi-objectively look at what you are saying and understand it to a degree, and also have the capacity to question it, rather than take it as truth.

You know, if you can start a heavy philosophical discussion with her and get non black and white answers, then that’d be a good time.

Just simply telling her that you can lucid dream, and that you can explore a lot of great things about yourself and the world through it, though, that doesn’t really matter what age, probably past 7 or 8 though, as younger kids tend to not dream like us, I have heard.

The ideal approach would be to wait until she’s an early teen before talking to her about spiritual things, and you know, exposing her to all the other people’s beliefs, explaining to her that NO ONE IS RIGHT and everyone’s beliefs are equally valid.

That kind of thing, instill an open minded and intuitive approach to spirituality in her, but she has to be old enough to understand such things in the first place… hence waiting until adolescence.

Obviously if you are of a religion that commands you to witness to others and you fear for her eternal soul, that is going to cause some problems in the advice I just gave you.

I also don’t have children but in my opinion:

Just teach lucidity as a skill without any spiritual emphasis at first. I agree with charlottedreamer you should start as early as possible. Then when she is older and already skilled with LD ing you can help her explore any spiritual applications for her self.

if the kid likes to read, then give em some books and websites to check out and tell them about some of your past experiences. You gotta have them feel like they wanna relate to it. If they dont wanna do it dont try to force them. Thats a one way ticket to a family filled with hate.

something else that is very important, encourage any natural abilities in this field that she may have.

for example i once easily and flawlessly kind of remote viewed myself into what could have been a WILD, but my mom didn’t really seem to encourage it too much (it turned into an ightmare, and I told her about it, she was like “it’s not good to think about scary things when you go to sleep” and well, I never recall doing that since then…)

I also one day (and this was sleep related initially) found that I could make myself naturally hallcuinate, I think it was while waking up, and then I could kind of do it in the day.

no one told me not to do this, but no one seemed to really believe me, nor did they support it, kids pick up on that stuff, and hence, I stopped doing it.

This is very very very sad to me, I had abilities, as a child, th at most people take a lifetime of discipline in meditation to have… and they were just starting to emerge…

PLEASE encourage any kooky thing she says she can do, whether you believe her or not, if she can see things, see auras, LD, WILD, or whatever, if she says anything that sounds “weird” to you, encourage it… please encourage it.

The best kind of spirituality of all is something that a kid can naturally pick up on, and that follows them through the rest of their life… there’s no need to teach them of spirituality in the first place if they can cultivate such novel experiences and hold onto them, somehow, without society killing their innocence.

Just talk openly about dreaming, maybe mention some of your LD experiences. Then listen to her responses and answer any questions she has. But only give her information that she is old enough to understand.
Like “The facts of life” it shouldn’t be a big thing to talk about, it should evolve naturally over time.

editI actually have “children” (the youngest is 17)

I’d say brainwash her. The TV will brainwash her too, so it all balances out. :cool:

I cannot imagine she never talks about her dreams, if she does that just make some suggestions about knowing you’re dreaming (especially if she has nightmares she might get interested). Don’t push too hard, just make suggestions and see if she’s responsive. Just my 2 cent :wink:

Thanks a lot for all your contributions !!! I liked the idea of naturally integrating dreams in family life and I am sure to find the right time to tell her more if I see that she’s inclined to do so.

she is only 3 years old :wiske:

She doesn’t have to learn about spirituality. LDing doesn’t have to be spiritual. I would say when she goes to school. Teach her then, and it will be like one of those things that you learn when your young. Like writing etc. It will make it easier in the long run, she can consider the spirituality of it when she is older.

I`d suggest to start now even if the kid is so young.I wouldnt really mention lucidity.For another few years just ocasionally (or everyday) ask “what was your dreams about last night?,” have u had good dreams?,etc.Just keep this “muscle” working.Theres a fair chance that one day she/he might pick up on lucidity him/herself.Just guide it according to knowledge the kid gains.
Base on questions it asks,maybe suggest “u know u can fly in dreams when u wish” or some other fun activity.Make it look fun and excitment.
Spirituality,counciousnes and stuff will come itself in time.
good luck:)

I agree to most other opinions, just ask her wether she had nice dreams when you are sitting at breakfast or something. Or simply tell her one of yours (if it was a nice one :wink: )

I’d like to add that you neither have to avoid talking about lucidity nor have really have to “teach” her. Act as if it was completely normal to control your dreams, e.g when she tells you about a dream suggest things that you’d done in the situation.

Interest in spiritual things however will develop or not. I wouldn’t try to push it.

But hey, who am I to give advice, I am not even fully considered adult by law :wink:


That’s a good idea, so we don’t even need the word or the concept “lucidity”.
Thanks tapir, jack and technodreamer …