How to wake up from REM??

Hi there!

I’m so eager to start writing my dreamjournal properly so I’m planning on setting alarms during the night in order to wake up and write the dreams down. But thing is that iv’e got no clue whenever it’s best for me to wake up, so that I remember as much as possible from each dream. Have you got any suggestions on how I get to know my dream cycles and how to wake up in the middle, or right after one…? Any apps, downlaods etc? :wink:

Thanks in forehand

Try this website. It worked pretty well for me when I set my alarm clock along with it.

If that doesn’t work, mantras are effective too. I usually wake up before my alarm clock goes off anyways, probably because I’m at the point where my SC knows that I really want to remember my dreams.

ah okey, i tried that homepage, i think it worked pretty well, I wanted to try the FILD method, so by the help of that page I think I managed to wake up in the middle of a dreamcycle where I felt groggy and tired as hell, exacly as it should be, and another one where I woke up in the end of one, refreshed and felt rested! thanks :smile:)