How to 'wake up' in a dream?

When i was younger, way before I ever heard of lucid dreaming, i noticed I could influence the topic (scene, situation, etc.) of my dreams by thinking about waht I wanted to dream about before/as I was falling asleep. However, once I was asleep I lost all control and it went on with all the random turns a dream usually takes (invetibaly being somthing entirely different from what it started as). After awhile I kinda forgot about this, but when I saw Waking Life, it reminded me of those experiences and piqued my interest in Lucid dreaming. I’ve just joined the site and havent read all the guides and stuff. But i have noticed in my dreams that Waking Life got the bit about light levels right. Ive noticed (after the fact) that in my dreams i can’t turn on/turn off lights, or read/focus on print or things in poor light(the resaon i wanted to turn the light on)- however i havent been able to get tho the point where ill notice it in the dream and then becaome lucid.
(sorry its long, i get longwinded when i write)

You’re really close to being lucid! What you want to do is turn switching the light on/off and reading into reality checks that you do in real life. When you do them, ask yourself, “Does this make sense? Is this a dream?” I know it sounds funny to be doing in waking life, but it really does help.

Read more about reality checks here:

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Wolf gave really great advice. Reality checks are the way to go. In addition, I would like to suggest working with quartz crystals… Although, I’ve had the ability to lucid dream since about age 12 (I’m 32, now) I’ve noticed that they have increased in quality and quantity since I began collecting crystals and studying their healing properties… Because clear quartz has the unique ability to bring light into the conscious mind, I believe they can intensify one’s ability to lucid dream, and have dream recall. Try sleeping with one under your pillow… Or if you have a window sill near your bed… Put them in the window sill. Also, while you are laying in bed… Hold the crystal in your hand and make a conscious intention to have a lucid dream… Then put the crystal under your pillow… or in your window… Repeat this every night, along with your reality checks every day. If you do this, you WILL have a lucid dream… I am sure of it.

Try deciding to have a lucid dream before you go to sleep.
Go to sleep KNOWING you will have a lucid dream.
dont contemplate on whether or not you will have one, just make up your mind to wake up in your dream.

Cool thanks for the advice and encouragement. :colgate: