How to WILD

i always try WILD but when i close my eyes and try to imagine something like a rock i am seeing a rock the notice the rock i saw looks like something else and it starts to change and then i dont sleep

well, the point of WILDing is not to fall asleep, you
are supposed to go straight for waking to lucid dreaming,
and you don’t really have to imagine anything, the HI
should come to you normally.
I think it’s actually fun to see what kind crazy HI your mind
comes up with

i agree with chase let me however go into a bit more detail

ok i personaly think that doing wake back to bed will increase you chances a lot more

ok so lets assume you did wake back to bed you are in bed (i just lie still) the trick is to trick your body to go to sleep this happens to me and a lot more peps about 15-20 mins however your body wont go to sleep unless its sure you are to and it finds this out by makeing you uncomfortible (for me last night it was a itch on my big toe) so if you ignore this your body will think the mind is asleep and then it will go to sleep itself

now then what we have to do now is wait for a REM period as many will know REM dosnt start and then stop it happens many times in a dream in differant amounts of time so i cant tell you how long you have to wait for this point but i doubt you will have to wait to long however if you didnt do wake back to bed you will have to wait 90 mins for some REM (if ive got my facts right)

just so you know REM is when a dream happens

hope this helps the biggest advantage doing a WILD is patiance you dont have to believe that your going to WILD. believing has nothing to do with it patiance is all you need

hope ive helped and sorry for bad spelling :razz: