HOw To WilD

when i try to wild i start to feel like i need to move then i do and it lasts like half and hour then it just stops so i can go to sleep. what can i do to stop moving.
any other wild help is appreciated

nothing really

its best to try to talk to yourself all night long in a coherent logical way

describing the dreams you want to have
or doing MILD “1 i am lucid… 2 i am lucid”
because some-time in the night you’ll notice you forgot what you were doing, and you can start again, and you will be closer to lucidity.

holding still is only when you wake UP from a dream,
yes you can WILD by refusing to move, and its very very hard to do at the beginning of the night, so its easier to wait till the morning.

if you promise to count until you become lucid then you’ll do it soon, probably the third or fourth try
within a month yes, and likely within 2 weeks.

and as soon as you notice that you have woke up from a dream, that’s when you don’t move, and you can get that very very quick, just pretend you are back inside it.

your mind makes sure that your body goes to sleep first and it does this how? by testing if you are still awake and it checks by making you want to move about it could be anything from an itch to just being uncomfortable if you whernt a lucid dreamer you would normaly move or scratch to stop the itch and the uncomfortableness and then your mind would know you are awake and its not time to start dreaming. however if you dont move and resist the urge to do something about it, it will eventually go away and you shall move onto the next stage of WILD

hope this helps

Wow, maybe this is what I have been doing all along. Lucid dreamers are just people who dont scratch their noses at night XD.

Thanks for your help, I will attempt a WILD tonight (I’m more a fan of DILD) and do just that. Keep perfectly still no matter what my body tells me.