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So I haven’t had a lucid dream yet, but when I have one the first thing I would like to do is transform into an animal.
Now I would like to ask you: How do/did you transform into an animal while licud?
And when you transform into an animal, do you see yourself transforming? like fur coming out of your skin?
Thanks in advance.


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Hello TheLazyTooth

I have tried transforming several times, albeit partially so far. I have seen/felt my body transforming (most prominant around my face when the muzzle starts growing and facial features start changing. In one or two cases I have seen/felt my hands/skin changing. Other sensations previously included rising perspectives as I’ve grown taller).

Below are a couple of examples of the transformations I have partially attained and how I attained them.

1)Mewtwo(Achieved by mentally willing myself to transform)
2)Rocksteady from TMNT (Achieved by asking Wyvern to transform me)
3)Humanoid Dragon (Achieved by asking Wyvern to transform me)
4)Lizardman (Achieved by mentally willing myself to transform. In this case I imagined myself turning into a lizard)

Wyvern has a large how to topic on this which I no doubt sure will be useful to you. [The BIG Transformation topic)

I can’t answer on that particular question… but in my first LD I was animal, not any cool animal, but just a chicken… like real chicken… so being chased in body of chicken wasn’t so awesome but when i find out that I’m dreaming by doing RC (looking at my hands, in that case wings :smile: ) i figured out that I’m dreaming, and then the fun started… So good luck with you’re first LD and transforming into animal… cheers :hurray: :hurray:

never done this, but hope to. definitely on the ld bucket list