How useful are electronic induction methods?

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I have seen such things as binarial beats, Liquid Dream II, programs that tell you you are sleeping when you enter the REM stage, and programs that use other methods to help you become lucid.

How effective are such programs, and are they usefull enough to help Lucid Dreaming?

Depends on how susceptible one is to hypnosis. I listened to a LD’ing mp3 that used hypnosis, and it worked that night.

I usually use binaural beats to help me get to bed. Nothing with LD’ing.

I’ve also found that those mp3s tend to make me very tired the next day…

I tried a 30 min LD induction CD that made me listen to it 3 times in a row, then my head and chest got numb (I was so awake / far away from sleeping that I felt pain while breathing). Eventually I turned it off and I was soooooo relaxed. That relaxation did’t help me sleep neither.

You simply don’t need them, 'nuff said. And don’t get me started on that overpriced Nova Dreamer, or whatever it is called. :smile: You don’t need a magic pill to have lucid dreams.

The most money you ever need to invest in is some pens, a 99 cent notebook, and a copy of EWLD. And with all the info on the Internet, even the latter is just an optional guide that is nice to have.

From what I am hearing, they sound pretty useless. I have had an LD, and I didn’t need them. NM, in that case. Thanks for all the inuput.

PS: Treader, it is called the NovaDreamer, and it is very overpriced.