How well can you listen to music within a Dream?

I haven’t tried to yet, but I’ve been wondering if you can actually listen to music that you know really well within a dream. I do not mean from an outside source, like if you wore headphones to bed that night

Could your brain get every beat and lyric right? Or would it just sound distorted? I would appreciate if you posted your results if you tried this, I’m in the middle of a dry spell.

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For me, it usually starts out perfectly (no lyrics, though; I prefer to listen to classical music in dreams for some reason), then wanders away from what it is supposed to be, but still sounds like it fits, and it’s beautiful.

I don’t have to know it very well, either. Still, the parts which I know less than others are more likely to be where the song starts to wander.

yes, once i heard a song of a movie in my dream with correct wording and I thought that I am listening it in real. Also, in another dream I was singing a song correctly which was so familiar to me but I forgot it when i woke up.

Theoretically, I think it’s totally possible to listen to a song that you know from real life.
After all you can “listen” to your favourite songs in your head so your brain is at least capable of replaying the whole song in one of your dreams, since you know the song by heart.

However, it might be very hard for your brain to really get every beat, chord etc perfectly right, or it might make some stupid mistakes like playing a G major instead of an E minor just because those chords have almost the same notes.
But then again, who knows?
Changing chords that way can sometimes create a new exciting feel to the whole song.

I don’t know the notes of the music, but it’s rarely the same as what I hear in real life. It’s a totally different song, borrowing elements from the music I hear. The lyrics are always random, and don’t make sense.

One time, I had a dream where I was watching a band playing a punk rock song. I remember the chords. There was palm mute going on, and the singer was singing about cereal boxes and other random crap. The bass was pretty high, and I could feel it rattling my body.

Other times, it’s very unique. Like insane techno I have never heard before. I get these music-bits as HH when I’m trying to WILD, usually.

I imagine it’d be quite difficult to hear it 100% accurately, but I think it can be surprisingly close. I have a habit of singing in harmony to songs on the radio, and I can recall a few times where I was actually singing in harmony within the context of a dream. The notes were correct and the lyrics extremely accurate from what I can remember, which is quite intriguing.

I’ll have to pay closer attention whenever music is playing in my LD 's. From what Ive noticed so far whenever music plays its always the part I know very well. I dont recall listening to a song all the way through though in any of my LD’s.