How would you classify this?

I’ve actually done this several times but last night was a little different. It started out with a regular dream. After the dream I thought about waking up and writing it down but consciously decided not to. Then I got the impression that I really should record that dream so, since I had done it before, I decided to record the dream in my sleep. I remember thinking about what I was going to write that would describe the dream in a few words and “wrote” these words down in my mental notebook. I noticed that the words were were clearly printed and that they were much easier to read than my regular printing. After I was done recording the dream I did wake up and recorded both dreams.

How would you guys classify that? Was it a lucid dream, a semi-lucid dream or what?


Brent :bored:

That sounds like a confusing situation. My initial feelings are that it was a false lucid dream. I say this because many people would do something other than try to recall a normal dream if they got lucid. By your reasoning you seem to understand that it is a dream, but I don’t know if you properly realized this or not. If you realized you were dreaming at the time, and knew what this meant, then you were lucid otherwise in my opinion, it was a very interesting dream / FLD. :smile:

Hope that helped. :content:

interesting. But did you know it was a mental notebook? If you thought you were awake writing it down it was a FA. That’s happened to me lots of times…

I think it might have been some kind of lucid dream… or even something like controled HI? :bored:

That happened to me this morning although I’m not sure whether I was alseep thinking about writing it down, or in a half-sleep in the middle of the night deciding whether to write it down or not.