How would you say these phrases in your language?

I am doing an internship at a diagnostic radiology department, performing x-ray exams on patients, not all of whom speak Swedish or English, which are my main languages. Sometimes there’s an interpreter, or a family member who can help translate, but not always. This is usually not a problem; I can move them around and put them in the right positions without words, but there are some parts of it that can be challenging, for example instructing someone on when not to breathe when taking a picture of their lungs.

In your native language, how would you ask someone to:1. stay still
2. take a deep breath and hold it
3. exhale
4. breathe normally

  1. manatiling hindi gumagalaw / huwag po muna gumalaw (don’t move yet)
  2. huminga nang malalim at pigilan (ang paghinga)
  3. huminga nang palabas
  4. huminga nang normal
  1. stÃ¥ stille (or ikke rør deg, literally don’t move)
  2. hold pusten
  3. pust ut
  4. pust normalt

1- Quédate quieto
2- Respira hondo y no exhales
3- Exhala
4- Respira normal


In finnish:

  1. Liikkumatta
  2. Hengitä syvään ja pidätä hengitystä
  3. Hengitä ulos
  4. Hengitä normaalisti