How you sleep.

If you think that when you go to sleep you dream this article might be for you. When you go to sleep every night, you enter into all different types of sleeps and in some of these you dream (which is useful to Lucid Dreamers cause… well you need to dream to lucid dream, otherwise you would be lucid living and well… that’s a whole nother topic :wink:)

When you go to sleep every night you sleep in different cycles. About ever 90 minutes you start over a new one. So 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 8… ect hours after you go to sleep you start a new cycle. If you have ever read a WBTB guide then these numbers might seem familiar to you.

But wait, there’s more! These cycles are broken down into stages. They are called NREM and REM. You have probably also heard of REM, Random Eye Movement, it is were almost all of our dreaming happens. NREM, Non Random Eye Movement (The people naming it were REALLY creative) is the other sleep stage which, is broken into more stages. NREM has 4 different stages, NREM1, NREM2 and not least (well kinda least if your a lucid dreamer) is NREM3. Just for any of you sleep nerds out there, NREM3 used to be 3 and 4 but they got married. NREM is considered “Deep sleep”, because your brain slows down, NREM1 starts of with alpha brain waves and once you get to NREM3 your in delta. By now you may be asking “But Gnar what are alpha and delta waves and what do they mean!!!”. I’ll tell you what they are! They are basicly the speed that your brain is moving (neural oscillations at a certain speed measured in frequency/Hz) Alpha waves are moving at 8-12 Hz and delta at 0-4 Hz. A hertz is 1 cycle per second, that’s really slow. That’s usually why you don’t feel great after waking up in NREM cause your brain is kinda… slow haha get it… slow.

Now when I said REM is were dreams almost always happen is because sometimes dreams happen in NREM1 and 2. That is why I think that sometimes you can WILD before you go to sleep, but it’s not recommended. These dreams are not as vivid and stable as REM ones, but they are still dreams.

But most of the time dreams don’t happen in NREM, so to a lucid dreamer it doesn’t matter :tongue:. REM is what it’s all about. Unlike NREM, your brain is much more active during REM, it’s comparable to the brainwaves while your awake.When you are doing your WBTB your goal is to wakeup in REM cause that’s when all the dreams are going on. But like I said earlier, you sleep in these cycles every 90 minutes and each of these cycles are divided into NREM and REM. Unfortunately they are not divided equally :sad: During your first 90 minute cycle REM is only 10 minutes of it, everything else is NREM but the longer you sleep, the more balanced these two get. That’s were those magical 4.5 and 6 numbers come in, those are your 3rd and 4th sleep cycles and that is right at the end of them, right when you wanna wake up. By then your sleep cycle is getting close to being 1/3 REM, which is a nice big chunk of time. This is when you want to go for those WILD’s, or when you want to wake up, because you will remember your dreams vividly. It is also when you want to wake up because your brain waves are a lot more like the ones when you wake (Which is why some people call dreaming, waking sleep) and you feel awake and refreshed.

So the next time you go for that WILD, remember you gotta aim for that window of REM if you want to be successful.

REM Rebound! And no, this has nothing to do with basketball. Remember that whole balance thing about NREM and REM making up your 90 minute sleep cycles and how one would get bigger and the other smaller? Well your body likes to be balanced out like this, and if you get to much NREM sleep, and not enough REM, you will have to make up for it somehow. This is a REM rebound. Now like I just said your body likes to be balanced so it’s not recommended that you try and do this but it is kinda interesting. MORE TO COME… gtg right now

Still to come!!!(I need to go to sleep at the moment :tongue:):
REM rebounding
Stuff that makes you sleep better (possibly dreaming substances, but that might be a whole different thing)
More technical stuff like pictures! If your into that stuff.
Things about sleep.
If your interested in ^^^these^^^ things bug me about it so I get it done :tongue: