How your life affects your dream content

I would like to know… how does your daily wake life affects the content of your dreams? This can be very useful to help inducing lucid dreams if you know how to make your wake thoughts go into dreaming. I have no exact idea how to do it, and I don’t get how is it that my 2 weeks of thinking almost exclusively in lucid dreaming hardly makes it into my dreams. Auto suggestion, at least 1 daily hour reading on the topic, I talk to everyone about it, but it hardly makes it into my dreams. In one dream I questioned myself why wouldn’t I wake up with bumps in a road, then my next dream was lucid, then the next one I thought of testing the height limit of flight in dreams, and that’s ablut it. And amazingly, one day I merely thought about lucid dreaming and then chatting with a friend, she asked me what is my favorite anime series. I didn’t give it much thought, but it startled me that I forgot all about my favorite thing in life because of lucid dreaming. Then my father was angry at me and my brother for something. And that night’s dream featured the anime series I thought of, my father angry at me and some random things. That is quite odd to me.

i heard that dreams are mostly replays of what happened in the day. but sometimes the thoughts get mixed up and thats why you get the whole
me: how are you
them: FISH!
me: what?
well thats what they said on discovery channel, and sense scientists said it i figured it was true

I heard such a thing too, but I would like to figure out how to make the thoughts I want in my dream actually get there, as constant autosuggestion has had very little effect on me ever since my first lucid dream, as well as all the info that I read daily about lucid dreaming hardly gets in my dreams. But videogames, wich I have played my whole life keep getting there even if don’t play them or think about them.

It’s also what didn’t happen during the day… i.e. emotions you didn’t experience or wanted to experience that get played out roleplay style.

OddDreamingDreamer sounds like your major dreamsign is computer games… perhaps you should perform RC’s throughout the day whilst gaming. That way, if your having a computer game dream you might out of habit perform a RC and thus become lucid.