How's LDreaming dating ?

You know , kissing , dating or even sex in the dream world …
Does it seem as real as in real life ? :sly:

“Dating” in the dream world? Who here has done that? To answer your question, I think that kind of thing is VERY real and sometimes feels more intense than in waking life. I believe there are quite a few posts on this.

Everything in a dream can feel as real as it does in real life, but it depends usually on how focused you are. Sometimes you can lose focus while doing these activities and lose the feeling of them and the dream.

I used to have DC boyfriends… now I want one again hahaha.

Dream sex felt good. And so did kissing. Now it was not the same for me in real life (ive never done it, but it was strange in the dream). Why?
Well, I noticed that my vividness dreacreased when I became excited. Maybie thats why, I mean what if you could do it and have it VERY VIVID, then how would it feel? So, what you should be asking man, is how can you do it with people and not have the dream fade? Hehe, thats what im wondering!

Although, with dream dating, maybie if I could stay calm, it should feel just as in real life. Hehe, it would be fun to go around and ask random chicks out, just to see thier reaction. Also, for me, this would be a good opportunity to practice having a meaningfull conversation with your date, as I tend to not really talk much, and it might be strange to be on a date and not talk at all.

i’ve never gotten any form of action

so … dream sex = boring but i always do it anyway

it doesn’t feel good, and sometimes it feels pretty good in a ND but i never have sex in NDs usually

kissing feels okay… sometimes feels great… I don’t know…

maybe if i cloned myself and kissed myself it would give me an idea of what real kissing would feel like… if I tried to be in both of me at the same time?


but dream dating can be fun if you get lost in it and think it’s real… … m_id=38311

here’s a really good experience I had once.

Or go on elimidate, then eliminate everyone… then demand sex with them all.

It is one of the most blissful experiences you can have. Make sure your dream is very stable and vivid first. Your sense of touch and everything is much more intense than real life.

hmmm i find there is a difference. I think there is a major difference in kissing, for me anyway, just feels very diffrent in the dream, maybe i kiss diffrent there or somthing. Sex isnt that much diffrent tho, actually it is a little more real and intense actually. Feels like you are more one inside the drea world then in waking life. Just guess i have to find the right girl i nwaking life huh :wink: