hows your new year so far?

warning depressing post ahead

so far i’ve seen 2 of my female friend have lesbian wink winks on the webcam, found out my gf was cheating on me, broke up a 8month relationship, ran out of money & still no job, feel like hanging myself and yeah. That’s my new year - not neccessarly in that order but whatever.

So hows yours been? Surely can’t be much worse. lol. Well unless all the above happened to you minus the wink winks bit lol.

Now where did i put my noose. :cry:

Wait how is the part about the female friends depressing?

Ah, mine isn’t worse, but I did run out of money, and you know how much teenagers need to spend :wink:

Plus my teacher sent out an email to all students: Students can no longer type their work due to cheaters who print out multiple copies for their friends
(man some people don’t know how to cheat)
so I have to redo all of the homework I did over the 2 week vacation in one day. Quite happy compared to you… hey wait a minute, I haven’t even had a girlfriend! (1 rejection and counting)

one of the girls is my ex and i have feelings for both of em lol. Actually that’s probably the best thing that has happened in the past 22 and a bit years lol…

ahh well will the good comes the bad i guess.

lol thats bad luck man good times should be ahead

my new years has been fine had a holiday wasnt the best but still good enough

nothings really changed though still doing the same old things it seems like every year is the same but spose that will change at end of this year when i finish school

I think my year will be very depressing too…

Just as last year :wink:

You know, I think it’s gotta be better for me this year. Once I get lucid dreaming down and all… does anyone use it to pull themselves through hard times? I know I’ll use it… but it’ll be a while before I get it.

Say one more thing… how did you get access to the webcam??

Do what they did in american pie and put it on the internet. then email me the link. :peek:

I would like to say I’ve enjoyed 2004 so far, but I’ve not left my house since New Years Eve. I’ve been sick with flu since then, and have kept a 104F/40C temperature for a few days. :sad:
I hope most of you don’t know what the flu is like, but you don’t sleep. I wish I could use my LDs to escape. :cry: My body is too sore to stay in any postion for a few minutes, and laying down makes me cough my head off and my nose becomes blocked. When I do sleep it is while I’m sitting up, and I usually wake up shortly after with a higher temperature and a raw throat. My high body temp makes me feel cold and I constantly shiver, which is a really mean trick the flu plays when you have an extra sore body.
It’s horrible. It’s like the symptoms help each other to make me feel my worse.
OOO! not to mention my light is on the clapper :grin: and with certain coughs my room can go from pitch black and into a bright 500watt light burning my eyes. :happy:
The humor of all this is what gets me through. :neutral:

Infection, you can’t type papers because the teachers think you will cheat? I’m not sure how writing papers are going to prevent cheaters. You should get your class to rebel. :content: Try to get many people a copy of a paper that they could all write out and turn in. :happy: That would prove a point to the teacher that the same thing could be accomplished in writing. ehhh, you all might want a backup copy of a real paper though. :wink:

How’s 2004? I think mine can hold a candle to your bad start. Your things bad yes but I have yet to recieve a large portion of my presents because they got packed up and taken accidentally by my Uncle. My Dad saw him New Years but forgot to pick them up for me. My Uncle lives 4 hours away. And the real clincher is the fact my Grandmother died like 28 hours ago. My Aunt came in on a bus late last night and her and my Mom wrote up the eulogy. In a couple of hours, it’ll be off to the funeral home.

awww, Raging_Canadian. My deepest sincere condolences. I lost my Grandmother 1 week before Christmas last year. It’s a very tough thing to go through and I wish you strength. :sad:

Well the year kinda of lurked by me while i was drinking. The last couple of weeks have been a blur, the year so far has been treating me nice(knocks on wood, ducks from Karma)I just started work over a two week break, so that hasnt been to exciting. All my friends went back to school, and i wrote a list of how to make my life better. So far i havent touched the list, but its a good motivator. I’ve been spoiling myself in every possible way, i really do deserve it and way much more :wink: All i need now is some success :happy: , last year was a little depressing, i need some light :smile:

Yep! once there’s a decline, its all up afterwards :grin: (unless you suffer from bipolar)

Thanx DreamAddict it was pretty tough she was fine till Decmeber then got progressively worse until . . . She had fallen and broken her hip and didn’t wake up from the anesthetic from surgery.

On a lighter note, I also found that the love of my life got married and it wasn’t to me. Guess I’ll just have to steal Alyson Hannigan away from her new husband. . .

RC, my Grandmother had the same problem with anesthetia. It took her unusally long to wake up out of anesthetia. After waking up she couldn’t breath on her own, and it took days before she could be taken off the ventilator.

To make a long story short. My Grandmother went in for a knee replacement and never came back home.

aw… My sympothies to both of you. That is really tough.
My new years has been ok, But there’s been so much snow I haven’t been able to leave the house.


well now that this thread can’t get any jollier…

I think my lucid abilities are going downhill. Actually, undersea. I’m actually WORSE than when I started. Little cheer-up, anyone? :grin:

cheer up… cheer up… hmm…
Well i usually find laughing at people cheer me right up (not you guys, i mean people i dont know) I recomend America’s Funniest Home Videos… I love it when they fall!

Very sorry to both of you who lost your grandmother, I lost both my grandfathers when I was like 3, never really got to know them, and I have my grandmothers, but one has altimers (sp?) and rarely remembers my name and sometimes who i am… :sad:

So much for a cheer up…

Hmm… how to cheer up this thread? I could tell you about how there were 2 Snow Days in a row (it rarely snows here) but that doesn’t really cancel out people getting sick and death and stuff…

I haven’t had a LD yet this month… and I thought I was getting better too. Ok, I’m done, really nothing amazing has happened this year yet! :help:

This year has been pretty uneventful for me so far. I have just turned 30 (today), and I’m not sure if it is a good or a bad thing.
I’m due a lucid dream soon - now averaging about three a month.

Oh well, I suppose I will just wait and see what the year brings.

Happy Birthday Sleepyhead! :mrgreen_hat: