HSPs - Highly Sensitive Persons

Hi, folks! I found some references to HSPs in some postings in Dutch (?) but not in English, so I thought I’d ask: Are any of you HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons), and would you think that being one relates to the ability to LD and dream vividly? I suspect that is the case.

In case you want to read more, here’s a good link: www.highlysensitivesouls.com.

It could be possible that they are linked.
I am not an HSP.

I’m not sure I’m following you. If you simply mean a person that is very sensitive. Then I can say that I am incredibly sensitive. I was flooded with emotions all my life. And I do enjoy lucid dreaming quite a lot. A connection ? … I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it.

Yes, you would be an HSP.
So the question is, do you think being more sensitive makes it easier for you to have lucid dreams?
We might need more HSPs to get a definite answer though…

I think being very sensitive means being more self conscious. And being more self conscious will always lead to higher awareness —> higher chances of LDing. Also, I think that 'HSP’s are much more likely to be drawn towards LDs and they will probably enjoy it a lot more…

I’d say I’m a HSP then, according to Relv’s description.

In my case, at least, this seems right too. Specially the enjoying part! :tongue: For example, many times in LD’s I’ve seen things or experienced things that, maybe weren’t even that increadible, but simply overwhelmed me with such strong emotions that I literally fell to my knees and cried :shy:

I’m HSP too.

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A Belgian one who speaks Dutch. :tongue:

reIV’s logic is sound.
There aren’t enough HSP’s who have told their success (or unsuccess) here to say one way or the other though.

Me too.

I was just about to say exactly what you said. At first I was confused, but this description fits me as well. I think you voiced my thoughts :tongue:. With the enjoying LDs part, I’d say that is also very true for me. I’ve had MANY amazing lucid dreams, sometimes night-after-night.

I was very successful with lucid dreaming and it came quite easily. Most (if not all) of my lucid dreams that I post are so vivid and so filled with emotion that I almost cannot resist posting them. Especially with the ones I’ve had last night. I have connected with my SC and I do it daily, I believe.

This may be a little bit off-topic, but I’m also flooded with emotions when I sing songs like No Chances Lost or Trail of Broken Hearts. Sometimes they’re so intense that it forces me to stop singing, where as if I’d continue, I’d start crying. It happened to me tons of times before.
There’s one time I cried when singing along with Children of the Dream, as well.