HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!

I am writing this with much happiness and gratitude to GOD about my first ever Vivid Lucid Dream. Yest i slept around 01:00 and Woke up at 7:00 in the morning. Then perfomed WBTB around 8:00.
In my dream saw my father who was running in my corridor to switch off tank. this was my first doubt. we didnt have tank switch in corridor. Then he went to my sister’s room and closed the curtains. Now i really doubted this and decided to perform reality check. I jumped in the air to find myself suspended in mid air. Wow!!! What an Amazing start. Suprisingly, not even for a second i felt excited for bing lucid but i must admit i was a lil shocked :razz: Then i found myself in my corridor and i remembered to invoke my subconscious mind (This was one of my Key Aims). I called SC mind but it didnt come. Then i recited a Mantra and requested GOD to send me SC mind so that i can talk with him/her. By the time, i became restless. So i thought i will take Giant leaps and began to leap in my corridor. It was very realistic as i would do in real life. All this while remembering that i am in a dream. Then i thought its time to wake up. I beautifully woke up and it was 9:00. This was my first vivid lucid dream ever and i thank GOD for making this possible. Also i thank LD4all and its members for inspiring me and motivating me. Hats off to u guys!!!

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Nice job! The rest is history, keep at it.

Great job on the LDs, keep it up, it only gets easier and more fun from there.

Yet more motivation for me to get off my butt and start trying a little harder XD

Sounds awesome though, I hope you get more :happy:
EDIT: Actually, I’m sure you’ll get more now that you’ve had that one.

Thx Guys,
In fact i was so lazy to do WBTB. I thought once that i will remain awake but i forced myself to sleep. Moreover, i did not do reality checks at all and was too lazy to do auto-suggesstion. I probably thought i wouldnt be lucid at all. Being lucid in a life like dreamscape really pulled the air off my butt :razz: I was shocked. I didnt know how to react. But luckily my dreamscape didnt collapse and was solid throughout. Even waking up in RL was my conscious decision and i wish i could have extended the dream. So my strong suggesstion, try to do WBTB casually and without expectations. It will give amazing benefits.

Congrats, it’s right that WBTB isn’t easy when you are tired (or just lazy) , but it’s also greatly rewarding.

LOL…yyyeeeeeeeeeeeHAW! Congrats, Lucky…you ARE lucky, my brothah :smile: Now begins the most incredible adventure evah. And think…it’ll just go on and on and on, getting more and more wonderful and engulfing. Bang-a-rang!!!