Huge WILD tip

i posted something simular, but i want more people to say what they think about this.

from what ive seen, when you people try to wild, you try to concentrate your mind until you feel weird and weird stuff happens, and then, you try to imagine stuff, and you see HI, and then you hopefully enter a dream.

from what ive seen and experienced, i think that that is much harder to do it this way. it might take you to any place you imagine using HI, but its still harder and seems to create dreams that are more unstable than in this other way.

what i do is i wait for that time in my WILD where theres HI and you feel weird, and instead of waiting longer, i just open my eyes. you should never fear that in doing this you will ruin your chances, because if you really think that you are at the SP state and your body has fallen asleep, you should right away try to open your eyelids.
what you might find is that you are still in your bed, the lights might be off, and your 100 percent sure u are awake. either you will be able to sit up, or you will have SP, and youll have to struggle a lot to get out of your body and next to ur bed.
this is something good to just try, because it seems easier, and if you do it a lot, you automatically get better at getting into lds and being lucid in dreams. Going into lds this way also makes the ld 10x more realistic, its more real in any way including your surrounds, your mind and feeling. you can try this any time, you dont even need to wait 4 hours into your sleep, tho thad b much easier, but you should do it right when you get into bed AND 4 or whatever hours later. you can do this anytime, and you should try to do it all the time because youll get better and have different experiences.
if you are ever really sleepy, you can do this and be in a dream in less than 10 minutes, and its great.

You know, never heard of this method being used…

I might try it out.

But then you do an RC and find that you are, indeed sleeping. Now breathing through a plugged nose for the first time is a tremendous feeling. (For me, at least…)

Heh, why not? Figuring out that an RC finally did something useful… :smile:

interesting, so… if I open my eyes and im still in my bed and try to sit up, will it basically be an OBE? isnt an OBE different from an LD, like I cant change scenarios… instead I just move around or fly away, or whatever…? cause I mean, its sure is more realistic, but I cant like create dream characters or anything else that I could do in a dream.

am I right?

You know, you should read the OBE definition…it’s even in your post. :confused: It should clear most things up.

But also, OBEs are experiences in the astral realm…sometimes overlapping the real world so you can actually see what’s happening, it’s quite surreal…

This sounds like an awsome Technique

I can definately relate to your experiences LucidLover and found your post to be a very interesting read. I even save it then cut into pieces to compare your experiences with mines.

Years ago I had been experiencing with a similar method. I wrote a little computer program to generate signals in random 3-15 minutes intervalls to remind me to try to do different things while falling asleep. The effect of trying to open my eyes were the same that you described.

I too believe that this method actually take you to a very distinct and stable level of awareness. It seems to be the same level where FAs happen. You may want to experiment with mutual dreaming, as this state is probably the best for such things.

During these projections, I believe, we travel within the collective memories of our neigborhood about the physical world, and hence the solidness and stability we experience. These projections are fake RTZ OBEs as the actual environment is supposed to reflect previous conditions and future plans. But it’s far more real than any ordinary lucid dreams could be so if you want to call them astral projection I’d say we have a definition at least.

You may also notice that as you further travel away from your house, especially when flying, things become chaotic and unstable. This is, I believe, because in order to avoid of being drift away by losing the state stabilizing feedback you have to keep in contact with other’s dream bubbles. These bubbles are like landing units in the “astral” that surround the places that people are familiar with. You may also encounter with rapid environmental shifts as you dock and undock these dreams.

From a waking point of view one may visualize these projections as being taken place within a net of coherent energy bodies (or personal unconsciousnesses) that are expanded into house sized spaces out through and around those centers that project on the body’s image around the solar plexus.

These “bodies” are, I belive, the actual carriers of our memories. So in this sense, this kind of astral projection could be described as the process of scanning the collective subconscious and interpreting the findings into coherent dreamscapes by using our own symbols and pictures that evoke from our personal memory banks.

When one induces an OBE or LD an orchestrated shift happens between two energy configuration I call IBE (in the body or autopoetic) and OBE triad. Triads have a tactical, auditory and visual components, and all of these focuses are associated with different parts of the body.

IBE triad is made by the middle of the three cavities, pelvis, thorax scull and deals with the subjective sensation of inner vibrations, noises and lights (in this order). When it transforms into the OBE triad (solar plexus, neck, point above the head) corresponding sensations also transform in a well predictable manner.

For example, considering merely the body focus it operates on, the Suneye method appear to be dealing exclusively with the upper part of the triad, that is, the process of conversion of entopic lights into the “shining hole” and hypnagogics.

It appear though, that besides Robert Bruce’s Rope, Suneye is one those rare methods that can induce triad shift directly by working on the triad’s upper part, that is, by moving the middle-of-scull focus to above the head.

There is a great confusion regarding the location of these upper centers. It’s mainly due to the fact that brain centers that produce the sensation of our felt body are situated close to those spaces to where they project their subconscious information as chakras, triad points, etc.

The point in the center of scull is related to the point that’s situated between the eyes (also called brow chakra) the similar way as the point above the head is related to the middle of the forehead (third eye).

So when you focus between your eyes or just look with your eyes as normally you also center yourself in the IBE through its upper part. Similarly, when you focus on the middle of your forehead, you also focus the point above your head and assist the transfiguration of the IBE triad into OBE. This is an important part of the Suneye mechanics.

After shift is in progress it’s pretty difficult to open our eyes. Still, we take it self-evident that we can do it whenever we want and will see the immediate environment around our body instantenously. Probably this unconscious expectation is what activates the sight of our energy body.