Human Evolution Explained in my Dream.

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If you are going to read this,
please read the Whole thing.

This dream was not Lucid, but was none-the-less, amazing.

I awoke Saturday morning, layed in bed, closed my eyes, and drifted in and out of sleep…

I woke up again and decided to get out of bed, but not to my knowledge i was dreaming. As i crawled out of my bed i heard a strange noise coming from my headboard.
I called my sister into my room and we both listened. My sister then reached over and opened the drawer, and out came a small dinosaur, the little green ones from jurrassic park.
My sister ran into her bedroom and closed the door as the creater lept down and pursued me throught the hallway. I ran through my upstairs as this creature chased me. As i looked back, the dinosaur evolved. Everytime i looked back it was a different creature: a lizard, squirrel, monkey…
I ran down the stairs to alert my parents, and the creature followed. “Mom, Dad, Look!” I said. They looked up torwards the stairs, but by this time, the creature was at its final stage in evolution: it was a Human, a girl.
She walked down the stairs and stood infront of us. “oh thats just one of your friends.” my mom said as i tried to explain what was happening. “No, no.” i said. they didnt beleive me.
I turned to the girl, the human, and i asked “Where did you come from?”. She walked torwards me and stopped. She said nothing. She raised her finger to the sky and looked up.

I woke

I dont know if this dream meant anything, but i think it is important to me.

I asked the human, the last stage in evolution where it came from and it pointed to the sky, the stars: space.

Humans are such a jump above every other creature on this planet. How? The ability to talk, think. The ability to Dream?
Why? how did we get here?

Please post what you think about this.


Thats really really cool

It would be cool if during those few seconds you spoke to the girl she would have evolved to the next level - so we would know what we gonna evolve into in the future :eek:

Seems cool. I pretty sure the theory is that dinosaurs evolved into birds though. And the connection to mammals is distant, so perhaps it’s not so scientifically accurate. Still cool though.
The finals stage is a little stereotypical of human thinking. Ocfourse HUMANS are the end, since were already perfect. hehe. I don’t agree that humans are that so much better than animals even when it comes to thinking. All animals think, even single cell organisms can learn. That’s worth thinking about. But perhaps she didn’t mean that as humans, we are so much greater that we must be from outer space. Perhaps she was pointing to the center of the universe. That place where the big bang took place. The place where everything in the universe came from. This could tell you that everything is connected. Not only that all the planets came from there, but that everything did, and all life on earth once was energy. Our solar system is the remnants of an exploding star. We’re all stardust.

Of course :smile: But I suppose we must imagine the whole thing as a metaphor of human evolution. Dreams are not to be taken literally, most of the time.

I don’t believe humans are perfect. I mean, look at us. We can’t even live harmonically with other living beings. We’re far from perfect.

Your theory is also really good, but still thinking about it all as a metaphor, it could really be related to humans evolving into something better, be it biologically or psychologically.

Also, if we throw religion in the discussion, it could be a spiritual evolution, considering that heaven, the land of the dead, or whatever we call it, is usually referred to as upwards.

Really really interesting dream :smile:

Just so we’re clear, I knew I ran the risk of sounding judgemental but I’m not. What I said says more about me than you.

That makes sense, it could be your spiritual evolution. Have you been thinking about spritual matters? Perhaps it’s saying something about that. Could be a calling.

thats cool.

you might find this interesting or relavent to the ending of your dream:
i was watching this one hour program on the discovery channel and it was documenting how the earth came to be the way it is today from when it first started clocked into 24 hours.
and part of it explained how the ‘building blocks of life’ ,which were some form of acids or protien, were brought to earth from space in meteors

Thanks for your ideas

but i forgot to mention this.

in my astronomy class at my high school i remember watching a movie that threw out a very interesting theory, that relates to my dream.
The theory is that millions of years ago when the earth was a myriad of volcanoes and rock, a comet collided with it. (comets are huge chunks of ice) When it hit it spewed peices of ice and rock across the planet.
Hidden in the ice were germs, and bacteria, and as the ice melted the organisms began to thrive in this new world. And after millions of years:
here we are.
We are product of those alien germs that originated from some other planet, galaxy, time.

this is just a theory, but it explains the sudden sprouting of life scientists have found in the fossils records. it seems life just started out of no where.

no one will ever know what really happened. theories and ideas will emerge but no one was there to witness it, no one will no for fact.

thats why this dream is important to me, maybe in our dreams we will know. if we are ancestors of some alien bacteria then we have some connection. we just need to find it

I know humans did not evolve. The Bible says that God created everything, they didn’t evolve.

But your dream was still interesting none the less. I wish I could have a dream like that…

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