HvZ [Humans vs Zombies]

Has anyone else played HvZ?

I’m in the middle of my second game at my school. The first one was a few years ago when I was a Freshman and it was…ill planned for. (It was also the school’s first game) Coincidentally I was both the OZ (original zombie) AND last survivor.

For those who don’t really feel like reading the link above, basically it’s akin to a real life VampireGame mixed with tag, but without the voting. Specifically the long game at least (aka, it last for a full week rather than a few hours).

Humans carry socks, marshmallows, and/or Nerf blasters (or off-brand) to stun zombies for a relatively short period of time. Zombies tag humans to turn them into zombies. Zombies can starve and die if they don’t feed on a human for some period of time. Certain areas (usually such as inside academic buildings, etc) are safe zones where neither side can tag/stun. There are missions every so often to keep players active, make things interesting, and give rewards or punishments.

We usually have some decent plot to it as well, which correlates to the missions of course. All in all, it’s a lot of fun, always wondering if there’s a zombie waiting to nom you right around the next corner, never sure if that rustling of leaves was your doom or just a squirrel…Ok, to be fair, I’ve hardly ever played as a zombie. I’m a survivor :wink:

I’m curious if any of you have played (or do play) this as well, what your specific rules are, and any fun tactics or stories you may have.