Hypnagogic Imagery (and some about SP)

Hello there.

I was wondering about HI related with WILD sessions. Those of you who attempt WILD, do you think you have alot of HI going on? Do you get it every night? How much HI do you process before going into dream mode? When do you get your SP, and do you get it at all? Is it possible to enter dream conciously without having the paralysis?

I am wondering this because when I go to sleep I can induce HI at will quite quickly - sounds too. I don’t know how you guys do this but my friends say they can’t do it. At will I can develop lasting (but chaotic in the beginning) HI in about 5 minutes. Sound takes another 10-20 minutes or so. They last until I give up/quit or fall asleep.

This evening I was practicing some HI/WILD and experienced a rather funny HI where I could control myself and others, much alike that you can do in lucid dreams. The imagery wasn’t clear at all though and it was very chaotic, but I managed to do all sorts I’d like to try for about 10-20 minutes. Teleportation, flying, exploration, running fast, doing things I’d not normally do, taking bullets - just a whole lot. At the end I felt put off because I thought there was nothing more to do. I had a feeling of overwhelming poinlessness and meaningless.

However, it was not clear at all and I was awake being able to hear sounds around me and move my limbs (but I didn’t. Well I did when I had enough). Is it normal to be able to interact so well with HI? I’ve had some simple interactive HI’s before but nothing on this ‘grand scale’.

I never feel as if I get SP or fully enter dream state. Do I need the SP before being able to enter dream? I sense some kind of transision or what to call it, a change in mood and feeling. But I’m too newbie to know what that means. I’ve never been able to enter dream conciously after my HI’s (that I remember).

Yeah im pretty sure u cant enter a dream without SP.