Hypnagogic Imagery in Waking life?

Ok I was getting this for about a year, before I even knew what it was but strangely Its stopped since I started practicing LD again(or so it seems, long time since i’ve had one). I’m sure its possible other people get this or it could be something entirely different but i can only describe it as HI.

Basically i’ll be continuing a normal day of events then out of nowhere I get a flash of an image, sometimes multiple times a day, it’s red, orange, black, grey, blue many colours this image is incredibly complex and detailed like a perfect painting only the image never lasts long enough for me to examine it only a 10th of a second or so. I never will or even think of the image it just appears there’s no concious thought I make that summons it. Just like Bam…what was that?

It doesn’t particularly weird me out, In fact I enjoy it, though it does make me wonder if my brain is hemorrhaging or something as red is usually the main colour. I read terrence mckenna died from a brain tumor but it gave him very detailed and vivid yet painful hallucinations when it hemorrhaged. My brother gets the same sort of thing though so really i guess i want to know if it sounds like any sort of medical problem or if its just an odd phenomena or if even other people get the same thing.

I started having white flashes in late october last year, which later started to be very complex and colourful, like HI. I was wondering these days if I wasn’t developing epilepsy or something, but I didn’t do anything about it so far. :eh:

Do you think it’s the same thing?

Could very well be if they fit the same sort of thing I described. Maybe it’s even a new ‘condition’ that doesn’t exist medically yet :o

I get them as well, but like you it is completely random and there doesn’t seem to be anything that brings them on, I have however found this which may interest you:


this could also been totally the opposite what you are describing, but I thought I would check.

hehe yeah, it’s definately not phosphenes

oh right well you may not think so but if you read the whole article this excerpt is very similiar to what you described:

I may have got completely wrong again but I am only trying to help

Hehe I appreciate it don’t worry, phosphenes tend to be like that description like very intricate flowing fractals. These are like actual detailed images of complexity, grab a thousand random items,animals things whatever from anywhere and everywhere and throw them all into a still picture that somehow still has an appeasing to the eye structure and that’s it or not really but that should give you an idea

Above is from your original post, I was thinking after I posted before, that what you are seeing does it encompass your vision or do you just see it floating in your vision. This made me think that it could be phosphenes, otherwise if you are see constructive and objective shapes, such as real things, then you could be uncousciously day-dreaming.

Also another idea is it could be synesthesia which is rare but does happen to some people. If you don’t know what it is look it up.

Yep full vision, it’s like some sort of bizzare combination of real things that create something unreal, describing the image is literally impossible as the last one i had is no longer clear enough in my head and even right after its hard to grasp the.

I wouldn’t say day dreaming, I do that plenty as it is and the difference is great. It’s just plain HI I think