Hypnagogic Imagery tech

Okay, is there a good, quick way, other than WBTB, to get from wakefulness into hypnagogic imagery, in order to use the HI tech for a WILD? I’ve tried things such as the progressive relaxation tech and 61-point relaxation tech, but they didn’t work, or maybe I just didn’t do them quite right. Can anybody help? Thanks

I dunno.

But yesterday I was meditating, and managed to induce a HI that literally went straight into a dream. I don’t even remember falling asleep.

Hmmmm… :eh:

Remember, HI is not a prerequisite for WILD. Some people don’t have HI, maybe you’re one of them.

You need to find the right balance between being alert and being relaxed, which is why meditation is quite good practice for attempting WILD.
If you find it difficult to fall asleep when practicing your technique, you need to let go a little, stop focussing so hard on the technique. If you fall asleep too easily, you need more focuss. It’s not easy, but eventually you’ll develop a feel for your mental/emotional state.
Try a variety of induction techniques, including the lotus-flame, white dot, black dot, 61-point, counting (and visualising a relaxing scene) or just make up your own.
I try to integrate three factors when attempting WILD:
Emotional, Physical & Mental