Hypnagogic Imagery (Techniques to reach it?)

Hi everyone, I have a few questions about hypnagogic imagery. Number one: This is possible to do before going to sleep right? If it does, and you observe the imagery, will it lead into a lucid dream even before the REM periods? Also, I was trying this last night, and I feel I got very close; I couldn’t feel my whole body and there was a strange feeling in my arms that I can’t describe. But after this I felt that it would lead into sleep paralysis, and I was afraid about the part of sleep paralysis where people hallucinate someone in their bedroom or something like that. Is there anything I can do to overcome this fear? Also, what are some techniques to reach this state? Is it the same as trying to WILD? THANKS! :happy:

Hi, so sorry it took so long to respond :smile:

It’s possible to get HI right before sleep. Well, to be fair, common. The issue is that you’re generally not gonna be aware and right before sleep it’ll be a little more scattered. First of all, it takes longer for your body to relax and this point of sleep which can be uncomfortable (turnover signals, itching etc.) and longer for your mind to relax as well. It’s common to either slip into slip without even knowing it or to keep yourself awake by paying too much attention.

In terms of it leading to an REM period… well, yes, if you can maintain focus. The trouble is you still have to fall asleep as well to get into an REM sleep phase. Again, HI in this time of night isn’t exactly clear, and trying to pay attention to it is more likely to make you snap out of the HI. It’s about passively observing it, which has been hard for even some experienced LD’ers.

Ok, on to the whole SP thing. Main thing, if you’re paying attention to how your body feels, you’re doing it wrong. You need to forget about your body. Period. If you’re wondering if a feeling is SP, you’re paying way too much attention. You’ll never fall asleep that way. Trust me, you will know if you’re in SP, you won’t have to wonder.

As far as SP hallucinations go, well, that is HH. Because your body is asleep, your mind is beginning to come up with images, usually to explain why you can’t move. Like all HH, it can be controlled. In a way, you’re stuck between awake and dreaming. Let the dream take over. There’s nothing to fear at all, it’s all in your head. Any frightening images are a product of you expecting it to be frightening. Don’t let this bother you and you won’t have any of those images to worry about.

And yes, this is a basic version of WILD. In fact, it’s the textbook definition.

In short, yes you can do it when you first go to sleep, but I’d recommend waiting until 4-6 hours after you first go to bed. It speeds everything up immensely and has been easier for many people.