Hypnogogic dream.

This was really weird, but I had a LD, but I was more in a hypnogoic state. I was aware of my body in the bed, but at the same time I was seeing very detailed, and vivid images of a house with people in it. I was walking around inside the house, but I wasnt really talking with anyone, but the DCs were talking to me, and I felt like I was both in the dream, and in my bed at the same time. I feel it was the hypnogoic state, because I had only been in bed for five, or ten minutes when it happned, but the detail of the dream, and vividness was amazing. Im not really sure what it was. On a scale 1 to 10 my lucid awarness was probley a 5, because I wasnt lucid enough to really cutloose, get into a conversation with the DCs, or fly, or whatever, but I was lucid enough that I was fully aware of what was going on around me. Anyone ever have something like that happen.

Yeah, my very first lucid experience was something like that. I’m not sure exactly what it was either.

Very often in fact. On a varying degree of lucidity, this is how I fall asleep nearly every night.

Sometimes I will shape it more completely than other times and actually define where I am. Other times I just completely go with the flow. Either way, I am always almost completely aware of my body.

Definitely every night, it the lucidity increases too much I completely wake up. So actually it’s battle to fall asleep, because i love the lucidity, but i also love to sleep. It’s hard to try not to think, in order to just let it happen.