Hypnogogic Imagery - I HAD IT, Now What?

As I was practicing WILD for the second or third time seriously it started. I pictured myself and my dog playing at a familiar place. Dog used to engage senses of touch, smell, sight, and sound… I started to picture myself playing catch… with myself wherever I through the ball I could reappear to catch. IMages were bare, mostly imaginary… but while this was happening hypnogogic imagery was occurring too. I had it best explained to me like this, hypnogogic imagery is close to when you press your finger against your closed eye-lid (the bubbles, and swirls of color light.)

I saw this one SO Clearly. it was a white circle contracting. Then another would appear and contract to (picture zooming away from a Golf Hole) I tried to expand on the idea while also sitting idly by in order to keep my logical brain part and relaxation intent balanced.

WHAT’S NEXT!? HELP! I am tapping into what i feel is the greatest power we know, or could possibly know… human consciences. Any Ideas? or Critiques?

You’ll get used to it.

There isn’t something coming up next.

Every person has his own path and road to follow.

Just keep going and you’ll find your way (im assuming you are attempting to enter the dream environment)

Just keep having fun and you’ll get there.