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I’m new to the forum. Had a question that has been nagging at me over the last year. Since starting meditation work last year I’ve noticed something odd in my hypnogogic imaging. I can see them before my eyes are fully closed.

Depending on the light I can open my eyes fully and the hypnogogic images do not disappear. The only difference is that my eyelids are open but the colors, swirls, images, scenes, faces or videos playing on small screens in my mind are still visible.

As an example I’ve produced this image with the green color to represent how with my eyes open I can “bring forth colors” to overlay reality. My question is whether or not this is ‘normal’ so to speak. Have you ever heard of this or tried it?

In darker environments (evening twilight level darkness) I can overlay reality with colors, faces & sparkles. The feeling is that I’m bring this display forward and having it display on top of normal reality.

Thank you for looking and/or replying.

This is exactly what I experience. All aspects are spot on.

Hypnagogic imagery while wide awake with my eyes open - by AmpLogic